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pornography was first depicted as two or more people having sex on roman statues in 173 bc
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Is pornography a stimulant?

It certainly can be. Heart rates may rise and other things too including libido and sexual interest.

What is bsdm in pornography?

BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination and Sado Masachism. It usually involves 2 or more consenting adults getting aroused by activities such as bondage (tying up), domination (

Why is pornography awesome?

Many find pornography "awesome" because it is to many a distilled  and concentrated material that arouses/taps into a powerful,  hard-wired human biophysical need and functi

How do you get out of pornography addict?

To start to overcome a porn addiction you will need to first make a commitment to yourself to stop it. Then you will need to work hard to; Change you life styleFind a very bu

Is pornography a crime?

  Only if you are under the age of 18 or are watching persons under the age of 18 in it.

Why is pornography legal?

  Answer   Because if it was illegal (in the US) it would be unconstitutional.

Who started pornography?

Erotic literature, the earlies form of pornography, came into existence shortly after the the invention of movable type printing the mid-15th Century. Pornographicc images, c
Why was there pornography?

Why was there pornography?

Porn is a from of adult entertainment. They make porn because people can make money with it. That is why most things are made or produced.

Is pornography good for you?

Too much porn is not good for you. Some people may also argue that porn is unrealistic, and so any children viewing porn will get ideas of what the human body is like that are

What are the types of pornography?

Pornography can be broken down into at least five types. The first type of pornography is adult magazines. These magazines are primarily directed toward an adult male audience

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What is Pornography?

What is Pornography?

Pornography is the use or depiction of sexually explicit activity in art, photography, or literature designed to elicit sexual arousal. Note: WikiAnswers does not reply rega
Why is there pornography?
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Why is there pornography?

There is pornography because some people have sexual minds, usually men, and they have this type on erg to ejaculate. This is normal. But some men don't really like it as much
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Is pornography awesome?

Porn is godly watchin women get plowed and how jeoulus u get durin the bj scene and how hot vaginas are and breasts also when u loose ur virginity u will love life its the bes