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When did pornography start?

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pornography was first depicted as two or more people having sex on roman statues in 173 bc
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How NASCAR was started?

After Prohibition was repealed in 1933, moonshiners, who had modified their street cars to escape from federal officials, decided to race these cars against each other on dirt (MORE)

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When did Shintoism start and where?

Shintoism started in eastern japan and then spread out to the middle east. Shintoism is the oldest surviving Japanese religion. It came even before Buddhism.

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How did sublime get started?

when brads mom and dad got divorced he went to live with his mom but he was so out of hand she sent him with his dad so hes living with his dad then they go on a trip around C (MORE)

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When did the NFL start and who started it?

The NFL (National Football League) evolved from an earlier league, the APFA (American Professional Football Association) in 1922.   The NFL was formed on August 20, 1920 in (MORE)

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How did the civil war start and when did it start?

It started because Lincoln had won the 1860 election on a ticket of no new slave-states, so the South was doomed to be outvoted in Congress, which would pass laws that favoure (MORE)

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Why did the falklands was start?

I assume you mean the falklands war. In the long term, the falklands war was started because of a long-standing territorial dispute between Argentina and the UK over the sov (MORE)

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How to start a talk?

well you can start with something you both like or complement her on something. i have done this before: draw or trace the picture at http://www.Google.com/imgres?imgurl=http (MORE)