When did Republicans become democrats and democrats become Republicans?

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Republicans were always mostly in the Northern states ever since the Civil war. Also republicans favored a strong central government, hence Abraham Lincoln using the most federal power in history. The democratic party was always mostly in the southern states ever since the civil war because many Democrats supported slavery which was mostly in the South. Up unitl 1976 did democrats start to be mostly in the northern states and republicans in the southern states like it is today. They basically flip flopped demographics and ideas over 150 years.

Though the demographics have changed republicans have always had a conservative base. Conservatives lost power in the Democratic party during the 1960s. They struggled to survive during the next few decades, many of them switching to Republicans along the way. Eventually with both Obama's victories unfortunately the conservative democrats are now barely existent, everyone left has now switched party affiliation.
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Was Thomas Jefferson democrat or republican?

(The actual group to which Jefferson belonged was theanti-Federalists. The party he helped found was the"Democratic-Republicans", one faction of which became theDemocratic Party, and the other the Whigs. ) Thomas Jefferson was neither Republican nor Democrat because thepolitical platforms of these (MORE)

What is the democratic and republican about?

The democratic- republican government is a government that can either have a democratic president or a republican president. It is the exact opposite of a Federal Government.

What is the interpretation of constitution of the Democratic-Republican?

\nInterpretation of any constitution is not a single question that cane be answered easily. It depends on the bias of the intrepreter(s), the method employed or model used; Americans have argued about the Constitution since Day One and hopefully we will continue to do so, that's how it evolves. As f (MORE)

What are you if you're not a Republican or a Democrat?

Then it could mean a number of things. You could register as an Independent (capital I) and be a part of the Independent party, which is not the same as not registering at all, and being an independent (lower case i), which is someone who doesn't identify with any particular party and bases each (MORE)

Why are the Republicans called Republicans and the Democrats Democrats?

Republicans like this country because it's a constitutional republic, the Democrats like this country because it's a democracy. -> You can't have it both ways. It's either a Constitutional Republic or it's a Democracy. The United States was created as a Constitutional Representative Republic no (MORE)

What is a Democratic-Republican?

The Democratic-Republicans was one of the first political parties in the United States , founded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison around 1792. They originally called themselves the Anti-Federalists in opposition to the dominant Federalist Party that founded the new United States government. Th (MORE)

How does one become a delegate at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions?

Delegates are chosen by state party organizations. The methods vary from state to state, and between the two parties.\n. \nIn primary states, candidates file delegate slates with their petitions of candidacy for the nomination. These delegates are usually people of some reputation in the party, who (MORE)

What party did the Democratic-Republican Party become?

The Democratic-Republican Party split into two separate parties in 1824: the National Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The National Republican Party later becoming the Whig Party from 1833-1856, which then split into the Free Soil and Know-Nothing parties, as well as a new incarnation o (MORE)

When did Republicans become democrats and democrats became Republicans?

The south wasoriginally a Democratic stronghold, upon the Democratic Partyannouncing their support for the prospect of Civil Rights, a numberof Southern Democrats broke off from the national party and formedtheir own segregationist Dixiecrat Party. This schism inthe Democratic Party was mostly heal (MORE)

Contrast the republican and democratic parties?

The Democratic Party was founded in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, sixty-two years before the Republican Party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and modernizers. Democrats are generally more liberal. They believe in a larger federal government, and often implement tax plans (MORE)

Is Mississippi a democrat or republican state?

Because the state of Mississippi does not offer registered voter statistics by party, we must judge either from primary elections (to see how many voters their are from both parties) or from general elections. Through primary elections we conclude that Mississippi is a state dominated by the Democr (MORE)

Was Winston Churchill a democrat or Republican?

In Britain we have 3 main parties: Conservative, Liberal and Labour. The Conservatives (Tory) are considered right wing, the Liberals in the middle and Labour left wing. Of course it is more complicated than that but the short answer to your question is that Churchill was a Republican

Is selaena Gomez a Republican or a democrat?

Selena Gomez is obviously a Democrat. If Justin Bieber issupporting Ted Cruz, you know that's why they are incompatible.Selena isn't going to be seen walking around with a great bigdummy.

Who is right republicans or Democrats?

Republicans favor smaller government which means lower taxes, but also less protection of people that do not have money. Democrats favor larger government which means higher taxes, but also a social "safety net" to catch people that lose their job, get injured, etc. As a rule, Republicans are mor (MORE)

Is Carlos Alvarez a democrat or a Republican?

The original answer below was biased and uninformed. Basic searching reveals that "In both mayoral elections, he listed his party as "No Party Preference", [3] although an article in the Christian Science Monitor described him as a member of the Republican Party. [4]"

Is David Ortiz a democrat or republican?

David Ortiz is just David Ortiz. He's created his own party calledthe Ortizicanocrats. He's ran a few times, but hasn't won yet. Oncehe wins (Which he will) It will be the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, ina civil war. It will be the bloodiest battle ever fought and ofcourse the Sox will win and win the he (MORE)

Which presidential terms were Republican and which were democratic?

Since 1860 when the Republicans won their first presidential election, Democrats won in 1884,1892,1912,1918.1932,1936,1940,1944,1948,1960,1964,1976,1992.1996, and 2008. Republicans won in 1860,1864,1868,1872,1876,1880,1888,1896.1900.1904,1908,1920,1924,1928, 1952,1956,1968,1972,1980,1984,1988, (MORE)

What better democrat or republican?

It's not simply what is better, it's what side are you on. It depends on the advantages and disadvantages you have for one or the other. Democrats believe it's right to help people out who are having trouble with financial problems. Republicans believe you should work hard for your money. You ge (MORE)

Are Democrats or republicans smarter?

According to any objective measure of native intelligence, there is no statistically significant difference among the members of these two parties.

Why are democrats better than republicans?

Look what happened the last 4 years? You cant constantly blame Bush for all of this like the Democrats did during his first year in presidentsy, they killed jobs and tax everything, obamacare will add $6400 in tax every year to the middle class, and they say they want to build up the middle class. H (MORE)

Which country did republicans and Democrats develop in?

United States, George Washington feared and did not want political parties. Some witty American in Government made political parties, if you do research I am sure you can find someone under government and presidential history where it developed.

How many presidents were not republican or democrat?

11... . 1 with no party affiliation: George Washington . 1 Federalist: John Adams . 4 Democratic-Republicans: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison,James Monroe & John Quincy Adams . 4 Whigs: William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor& Millard Fillmore . 1 National Union Party: Andrew Johns (MORE)

Was Albert Einstein a republican or a democrat?

Einstein was neither a Democrat or Republican, he was a realist, he was a free thinker, a, "Great Spirit." Einstein said, quote: " Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not, thoughtlessly, submit to hereditary prejudices (MORE)

What are similarities of Republicans and democrats?

Well, they both have to do with the Presidents. They are the partes or the groups which people would want to be in. They are similer also because they are practiculy da same. Except republicans would belong to one president and democrats would belong to the other president. Good Bye.!

What do you need to do to become a republican or democrat?

There are different levels of involvement with the Democratic and Republican Parties, depending on how much time you wish to devote, and how passionate you are: Most states allow voters to register as affiliated with a political party. Voters can either declare their party affiliation when they fi (MORE)