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Slavery was part of the cultures of many ancient civilizations dating back to the empires of ancient Egypt and ancient Asia.
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The origin of slavery is lost to prehistory. As a guess, one tribe might have conquered another, with the victors allowing a 'lucky' few to live on, either to perform menial labor or as breeding stock.

There is wide agreement among historians and anthropologists that slavery predates any existing historical documents. Slavery is reported by many of the earliest available reports from China and Japan, Egypt and the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. It seems that since prehistoric and primitive times, dominant people have used force and fear to make other people serve them.

In the book of Genesis it tells of a time a famine so bad people sold themselves into slavery to the King of Egypt just so they could survive. There is no way to be certain as to when slavery started or even who started it. Slavery has been around since Ancient Egypt and possibly even before then. But, as stated before, we have no way of knowing for sure.
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How did slavery begin and end?

It is hard to say when slavery began, it has been a form of civilization for a long time until it was made illegal in England, which was a massive empire at the time, in 1772.

When did slavery in the US begin?

Slavery in the US began with the first English colonization of  North America in Virginia in 1607. With that said, slavery in North  America began with more advanced Native

How and why did black slavery begin in America?

Black Slavery began in America because: (1) there was a labor shortage throughout the tropical and subtropical Americas, including North and South America and the islands of

When did slavery begin in North America?

Slavery originally began with the Aztecs in the 14th Century. They  would enslave other Aztecs, usually as a form of criminal  punishment. The first African slaves were used

When slavery begin in the unite states?

Slavery existed in the Americas prior to the formation of the United States in 1787. When the US Constitution was accepted, slavery was already there. The first African slaves

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How did slavery begin?

Slavery, a form of forced labor, has existed since before written records, even playing a large role in Biblical times, and was mentioned heavily in the Old Testament. Contrar

When did slavery begin in the United States?

Slavery existed in the original Thirteen Colonies before the creation of the United States in 1776. The first slaves were brought over from Africa after the founding of Virgin

When did slavery begin in America?

The first Africans brought to Colonial America on English occupied  territory came ashore at Point Comfort, today's Fort Monroe in  Hampton, Virginia. They were later transp

Did the the white people begin slavery?

  Answer   They did in Europe. Orientals did Asia. Blacks did in Africa. Arabs did in the Middle East. And yes, even the Native Americans of North and South America p
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Where did slavery begin?

Slavery goes back long before recorded history. Ancient cultures like the Egyptians and several Native American tribes kept slaves.
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When did slavery first begin?

  Answer   Slavery has been practiced for thousands of years. Remember that the Jews were slaves in Egypt. American Indians captured their enemies and made them into
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How did slavery begin in the US?

  Answer   Americans needed workes who would not complain, work long hours and would need to be payed much. As slavery already existed in Africa as a punishment it w