When did television take off in the United States?

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early 50s.
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Why did they take the Boomerang channel off tv?

because Fred on scooby doo turned gay so they hade to stop scoobby doo. but it started grtowing and the flintones turned out to be inbred so that got abit orkward so then they

Why did they take rugrats off tv?

Because, nickelodeon needed room for new TV shows, and Rugrats was not getting many views so nickelodeon decided to take it off the air, but you might sometimes see it early i

Is Carcoal TV available in the United States?

Carocal is part owner of a Miami station and brodcasts some of it's content through that station. They also have a US based variety show. They base their programming at Columb
In United States of America

What companies offer mobile satellite TV in the United States?

Although there are several companies that offer mobile satellite TV in the United States, there are two that have emerged as the leaders in this area: DIRECTV and Dish Networ