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When did the Confederate states rejoin the Union?

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At the end of the Civil War. It was the position of the Union that the states did not have the right to secede. The dates on which the 11 seceding states were again granted representation in Congress (Missouri and Kentucky did not formally secede.) :
  1. Tennessee : July 24, 1866
  2. Arkansas : June 22, 1868
  3. Florida : June 25, 1868
  4. North Carolina : July 4, 1868
  5. Louisiana : July 9, 1868
  6. South Carolina : July 9, 1868
  7. Alabama : July 13, 1868
  8. Georgia : July 21, 1868
  9. Virginia : January 26, 1870
  10. Mississippi : February 23, 1870
  11. Texas : March 30, 1870
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