When did the Hazel Atlas mark start appearing on the glass?

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Hazel Atlas was formed from a merger of two companies in 1902, They had produced fruit jars and utilitarian ware up to this point and in 1923 the Hazel Atlas Glass company began marketing dinnerware items. The earliest H over A mark was found on fruit jars dating to around 1910. The mark appeared on the 'white milkglass' (platonite) dinnerware pieces after 1936. More information can be found on the hazelatlasglass.com collectors website.
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How can you determine how old a Hazel Atlas jam jar is?

The maker's mark is the easiest way. Usually, the marks are embossed at the base of the vessel along with other letters and/or numbers, which generally refer to mold numbers/f

Do all Hazel Atlas glassware have the h a marking on them?

A large amount of it is indeed marked with the H over the A, but like most companies, you will find some pieces that are not marked. I know some of the Candy Stripe pieces are

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What does a Hazel Atlas mark look like?

The Hazel Atlas Glass mark is a capital H with a capital A inserted between the legs and directly underneath the horizontal line of the H. More information on the mark and the

What are the colors of Hazel Atlas' pattern Moderntone?

The Moderntone pattern was produced in transparent colors as well as the opaque platonite colors. In the transparent colors, there was Clear, Pink (hard to find), limited gree

Was there a Hazel Atlas glass factory in Grafton WV?

Absolutely! According to the 1944 Thomas Registry cited by the Hazel Atlas Glass collectors website (www.hazelatlasglass.com), edited with more correct information, there were

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