When did the Italians immigrate to Canada?

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Italians immigrated to Canada in the 1800's
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Why did Italians Immigrate?

Italian immigrants migrated to America because they wanted to escape the unhealthiness of Itlay. They wanted to better their lifes, and be able to choose their own religion. T

How can I get to Canada as immigrant?

You can be sponsored by a close relative, have a job offer or come as an investor/entrepreneur. The Citizenship and Immigration website has all the details plus any and all fo

What is immigrants of Canada?

In general meaning, this means people who move to Canada, i.e. people who previously live outside Canada then move to Canada and live there. In legal meaning, this means pe

Where are Canada immigrents from?

1.Europe 2.France 3.U.S there also is the vikings, who were europeans i am sure there is more but this is all i could think of.

Immigrant what to do in Canada?

Tours, Malls, Amusement parks, In Canada immigrants are First Generation Canadians. They have all the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and as such do the same as e

Who can immigrate to Canada?

Well mainly anyone the Government can choose if they want them to come in or not. ie. if they know they use to be from a terrorist group than they may not want to let them in
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How to immigrate to Canada?

There are two ways for applying. . Through Representative/lawyers/ immigration consultants . . If your case is quite clear-cut with full confidence, you should be able to
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When did Canada get immigration?

When the Brits and the French moved to Canada. Actually, when the natives crossed the berring straight.
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Why do Italians immigrate?

Political and socio-economic incentives are reasons why Italians immigrate. Some Italians leave in order to benefit from mixed nationalities in family backgrounds, claim dual