When did the Romans have slaves?

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You could say that the Romans had slaves since they came into existence. Slavery is as old as mankind and every civilization, both ancient and modern had slaves. The Romans along with other ancient peoples had a slave based economy and many aspects of civilization are due to not only a slave's physical labor, but to the performing of menial jobs, which freed up the owner/master to write, invent, experiment, etc.
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Who were Roman slaves?

Roman slaves were prisoner of wars from the battles the Romans fought. Nearer the end of the Roman empire there were less battles so there was a short supply of slaves. they

How did Roman slaves become slaves?

Some families had lots of children and couldn't afford to feed them all so they sold them some at slave markets. Other slaves are from slave traders from outlying parts of the

Did the Romans have slaves?

Slaves were a very important part of Ancient Roman society. Your wealth was partly based on how many slaves you owned. Even poor people had at least one slave.

Where did the Romans get their slaves?

from stalls in town---at least that's where they purchased many of them. However slaves came from all over the empire and possessed various talents and abilities and were valu

Why did the Romans have slaves?

All ancient peoples in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East had slaves: the Sumers, the Assyrians, The Egyptians, the Greeks and so on. In those days slaves were war capti

How did Romans get there slaves?

The Romans and all other ancient societies got their slaves by various means. Many were prisoners of war, or inhabitants of a captured city. Some were sold to the Romans by ow

What Romans were not slaves?

No Roman was a slave. A Roman was a citizen. Even the poorest of the poor was a citizen. The only possible way a Roman could become a slave was to voluntarily sell himself int

What did Roman slaves have?

Roman slaves always had the reality of future freedom. I am not speaking of the incorrigible ones or the criminal slaves who were most often sent to the mines where life was s
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What Romans have slaves?

It's safe to say that most of the Romans had slaves with the exception of the very poor. It's safe to say that most of the Romans had slaves with the exception of the very po
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Who was Roman slaves?

Mostly people captured after victory in battle. sometimes women were abducted.
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How are roman slaves transported from slave markets?

Roman slaves were an important part of ancient Rome's economy. With that said these unfortunate people had to be safely transported from the slave markets to areas where their
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What did roman slaves were?

It is difficult to understand exactly what you mean by what did the Romans slaves were. Slaves were war captives and were part of the loot of victorious war. When Rome's imp