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When did the United states of America formally become a sovereign nation?

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1776 is the year that the United States of America became a sovereign nation.
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When did Sweden become a sovereign nation?

Sweden became a sovereign nation in 1523. Gustav Vasa helped defeat  an attempt to bring back the Union of Kalmar (a union of the Nordic  countries under the control of the

What year did Ohio become a state in the United States of America?

1803. The complete story: Ohio was to become a state but Congress never voted on this. Everything went forward as if they had. It wasn't until August 7, 1953 that Congress a

Sovereign nation states are?

the most common political unit

When did Greece become a sovereign nation?

  1829 during the greek war of independence   1829 during the greek war of independence

Why didn't the United States of America join the League of Nations?

Despite all US President Woodrow Wilson's efforts in establishing  the League of Nations, the USA did not join the League because of  objections raised in the Senate, especi

When did America first become known as the United States of American?

The term "America" has been used to refer to the continents or region of North and/or South America since about the 1500s (after Amerigo Vespucci, a minor Italian navigator wh

Why is Michigan not considered a sovereign nation state?

Once a state becomes a part of the United States of America, it is no longer independent; Michigan was admitted to the Union in 1837. As a member of the United States, Michiga
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When did the Bahamas become a sovereign nation?

the Bahamas became a soverein nation on July 10 ,1973 and a soverien state in commonweath of nations :) hope that helped you ! if you don't believe me on this go to Google.com