When did the lump of coal in the stocking start?

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the history of coal in a Christmas stocking is nothing more that being left of the toy list as a result of bad behavior. when stockings were being filled the the gift giver reaches down by the fireplace to the bin grabs a hunk or two coal and stuffs the naughty child's stocking while placing toys in the stockings of those children who have been a joy to their parents.
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Where did the lump of coal Christmas tradition start?

Lump of Coal Tradition Theory: . It started in Holland. When a child was bad they got a lump of coal, but if they were good they got a small toy, cookies or candy. . There was a pervasive belief in the mid 19th century that if you were poor it was because you or your ancestors did bad things. (MORE)

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Who started coal mining?

Nobody knows. This is one of those things that is hidden in the fog of prehistory. The Chinese burned coal TENS of thousands of years ago.

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When did coal mining start?

Coal mining began in Pre-History of the Human Race. Some of the oldest cave paintings in the world are drawn by coal. Hunter Gatherers would often identify coal at the land surface level, following by digging deeper if necessary. Populations rapidly found use for coal. Portable Fire, creation of too (MORE)

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When did coal mining start in US?

Around 1730 in Virginia. See the related link below on history of coal mining. As well, consider American Indian use of coal long before settlements in the Americas. 1730 is an excellent answer regarding industrial U.S. coal mining.

What is thte point of coal in your stocking at christmas?

A long time ago candies and fruits like oranges were expensive but every family used coal to heat their homes. Children were told that if they were naughty they would get coal in their stockings because the message the parents wanted to give was that naughty children did not deserve to get expensive (MORE)

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How long does it take to start up a coal power plant?

about 2 hours. ------------------------------ Most Utility sized power plants take from 8 hours to 3 days to start up from cold. Mainly depending on the size of the engines driving the generators. Some small plants can be started from cold in about half an hour.

Why did people start burning coal?

Coal is an abundant and cheap form of fuel. When people first stared burning it no one was concerned about air pollution, because it seemed at the time that human beings could never create so much smoke that it would not be able to simply dissipate into the vast atmosphere of the planet.

How much is a lump of coal worth?

The price of coal varies depending on the level of customer demand.Additionally, the size of the lump of coal will make the pricevary.

Why coal burn in coal stock?

cause that's what It does, coal naturally burns in one fuel sourceso that's what makes it up to be burning in a coal stock, once thecoal is burned it creates heat energy which is naturally anonrenewable resource once it is actually burned.

How did the coal tradition start?

The tradition of teaching children that they would receive a lump of coal in their stockings if they were bad, began in Norway. In Norway, Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) is a Catholic Bishop accompanied by an enslaved blackamoor named "Zwarte Piet" (Black Peter in English). Complete with black woolly ha (MORE)

When did they start coal mining?

Coal mining has followed the history of the human race. Prehistory Hunter -- Gatherer populations sought coal usually found near surface areas. Coal is not always under the Earth, rather it can be in a geological 'seam' that is exposed to the human eye - accessible. Digging and exploration min (MORE)

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How did the tradition of giving coal to bad children get started?

ok so the tradition was of the lie of parents was to make them believe of santa claus was so they could make their children obey them like the phrases "clean your room or you will get coal in your stocking" or " dont talk back or you will get coal in your stocking".

Who started stock exchange in the world?

The world's first stock exchange was established under the rule of King Phillip the Good, in Antwerp, Belgium in 1460. http://www.investopedia.com/articles/07/stock-exchange-history.asp#axzz1z7pXNRH9 provides additional information. However please note 1531 is the year in which the stock exchange (MORE)

Why does Santa give naughty people lumps of coal?

Because of the naughty children and they naughty children parents warned them that the childrens parents got mad because they have been really naughty and the children sometimes got into trouble because they draw on walls, Not doing what there told, not doing homework, not listening, getting bad gra (MORE)

When did the Christmas coal holiday start?

\n \n. It started in Holland. When a child was bad they got a lump of coal, but if they were good they got a small toy, cookies or candy. \n \n. There was a pervasive belief in the mid 19th century that if you were poor it was because you or your ancestors did bad things. They were poor because (MORE)

Where can one purchase a lump of coal gag gift?

Lumps of coal can be purchased at science shops, such as the ones where you would buy science kits for children. Also, if you have a year-round Christmas store, they often have lumps of coal as gag gifts.

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