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Many tribes of native Americans never used canoes because their environment did not permit their use. On the coasts, along major waterways and in areas with many lakes canoes of many kinds were used for fishing, hunting and transport, as well as for carrying warriors swiftly and silently to attack enemies.

Some canoes were simple dugouts from tree trunks; others were frames of wood covered in sheets of elm or birch bark; in the area that became southern California the Coast Chumash made canoes of planks (unique in North America); the Haida, Tlingit and Kwakiutl (and their neighbours) carved and painted huge war canoes from tree trunks - some over 60 feet long.
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What do native Indians use canoe for?

Native Americans used canoes for much of the same reasons that we use them today: Fishing, travel, trading, recreation (to name a few).

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What native American tribe used canoes?

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What native American tribe made canoes?

All tribes throughout North, Central and South America who had access to oceans, lakes and extensive river systems made canoes of various kinds. All of the many tribes living