When did the pioneers get to Oregon on the Oregon Trail?

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The pioneers arrived in the oregon territory in september or october. It took 6 months to get to the oregon teritory
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What did pioneers eat on the Oregon trail?

Much of what the pioneers ate on the Oregon Trail was non-perishable food that would travel well and, hopefully, last until they reached their destination. Other food items we

What did pioneers drink on the Oregon trail?

Pioneers drank water,water that they got from rivers and streams. SOme pioneers got sick because of the water they drank. But if someone was sick and they had a medicine that

Who were the pioneers of the Oregon Trail?

On May 1, 1839 a group of eighteen men from Peoria, Illinois set out with the intention to colonize the Oregon country on behalf of the United States of America and drive out

What did pioneers do for fun on the Oregon Trail?

The Oregon Trail was very hard; people would walk for most of the day, and there weren't very many opportunities for fun. To entertain themselves, people would talk, sing, or

Pioneer life on the Oregon trail?

Great Migration of 1843 In what was dubbed "The Great Migration of 1843" or the "Wagon Train of 1843", [17] [18] an estimated 700 to 1000 emigrants left for Oregon. They

What did the pioneers have to cross on the Oregon trail?

Of course going to Oregon on the Oregon Trail you would have to cross something. And starting from the East of the country made it harder. Because there were so many rivers in

What did pioneers do on the Oregon Trail?

Life was very hard. At the start the land was flat and everyone was still fresh, but as the trip went along things got harder. They were going 2400 miles across land that was