When did the pioneers get to Oregon on the Oregon Trail?

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The pioneers arrived in the oregon territory in september or october. It took 6 months to get to the oregon teritory
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What was the Oregon trail?

Many Settlers moving to Oregon country and other western areas followed the 2,000 mile long Oregon Trail, which stretched from places such as Independence, Missouri, or Council Bluffs, Iowa, west into Oregon Country

What is the Oregon trail?

The Oregon Trail was the trail leading out of Independence Missourito the Oregon Territory ending mainly in the Willamette Valley, thetrail was started shortly after the Civil War in the 1860s. = actually, the first wagon came in 1843

How did pioneers on the Oregon trail heal rattle snake bites?

gunpowder and saltAs it turns out, rattlesnakes are able to control the amount of venom that they deliver and they benefit by not wasting the venom on an animal much too large to eat. Most people bitten by rattlesnakes stand a fairly good chance of receiving a sub-leathal dose of venom so almost any (MORE)

What did pioneers eat on the Oregon trail?

Much of what the pioneers ate on the Oregon Trail was non-perishable food that would travel well and, hopefully, last until they reached their destination. Other food items were either purchased along the way, or were hunted or harvested. Basic items they would take with them included: flour hard t (MORE)

What problems did the pioneers face on the Oregon trail?

They faced many problems on the epic journey. They faced muddy rivers, swift rapids, vast desserts, steep mountains, scorching heat, violent thunderstorms, and fierce blizzards. Some people fell off the wagons and others would get in accidents with other wagon travelers.

What did pioneers drink on the Oregon trail?

Pioneers drank water,water that they got from rivers and streams. SOme pioneers got sick because of the water they drank. But if someone was sick and they had a medicine that was liquid that was drinken. Also, if something was eaten and it was poionus, whiskey would be forced down that person throte (MORE)

Who were the pioneers of the Oregon Trail?

On May 1, 1839 a group of eighteen men from Peoria, Illinois set out with the intention to colonize the Oregon country on behalf of the United States of America and drive out the Hudson Bay Company operating there. The men of the Peoria Party were among the first pioneers to traverse most of the Ore (MORE)

When did the pioneers start traveling on the Oregon trail?

The quick answer is between the years 1841 and 1869. The Oregon Trail was one of the original main routes from East to West in American. Those migrating to the pacific northwest (including settlers, ranchers, businessmen, farmers, miners, and others) would typically start the journey in April or May (MORE)

What did pioneers do for fun on the Oregon Trail?

The Oregon Trail was very hard; people would walk for most of the day, and there weren't very many opportunities for fun. To entertain themselves, people would talk, sing, or do other things they could do while walking. At night, they would sometimes sit down to write letters, chit-chat, play cards, (MORE)

What supplies did pioneers take in the Oregon trail?

They brought along foods such as dried fruit, beans, flour, ham,molasses (sugar), onions, rice, salt pork, tea, vinegar, bacon,biscuits, candy, coffee, and cornmeal. They brought clothing andtools such as cooking/eating utensils, plates, cups, skillets,pots, pans, kettles, water kegs, axes, canteens (MORE)

Why do you have the Oregon trail?

The Oregon Trail was the main overland route from the Midwest tothe West Coast, used most heavily between the 1840's and 1869 whenthe transcontinental railway was completed. This was a difficult,2,000 mile trek that took 4 - 6 months to complete.

Pioneer life on the Oregon trail?

Great Migration of 1843 In what was dubbed "The Great Migration of 1843" or the "Wagon Train of 1843", [17] [18] an estimated 700 to 1000 emigrants left for Oregon. They were led initially by John Gantt, a former U.S. Army Captain and fur trader who was contracted to guide the train to Fort Hal (MORE)

What did the pioneers have to cross on the Oregon trail?

Of course going to Oregon on the Oregon Trail you would have to cross something. And starting from the East of the country made it harder. Because there were so many rivers in the plains, it was very hard to cross over them. Escpecially high rushing rivers . Little streams weren't the biggest proble (MORE)

How did the Oregon Pioneers get Oregon Fever?

The "Fever" was due to the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850, which amounted to free land to those who would live on and cultivate the land for four years, and thus the "Fever" infected many hard working folks. The law was largely the result of Samuel R. Thurston, the Oregon territorial delegate to C (MORE)

What did pioneers do on the Oregon Trail?

Life was very hard. At the start the land was flat and everyone was still fresh, but as the trip went along things got harder. They were going 2400 miles across land that was a combination of prairie , mountains, and deserts. Each had their own problems. They faced awful storms, floods, loosing fami (MORE)

What was life like for pioneers in the Oregon trail?

People DIED along the way from: Diseases, toxic poisoning from trying inedible plants, infections that could not be contained/controlled, native American Indian attack (who can blame them?), drowning while crossing rivers, buffalo stampedes, wagons falling off of mountainsides, wagons breaking, runa (MORE)

Why was Fort Hall important to the pioneers during the Oregon Trail?

Fort Hall was impotant to the pioneers during the Oregon Trail, becuse back thn, the Engilish settlers didn't have a trail route leading to the first colony, and they also were ordered off land by the Europeans, so the only way leading to the first colony was by the trail route.

Did Louis and clark use the Oregon trail Oregon trail?

No, the Oregon Trail was used by people moving to settle in Oregon later in the Nineteenth Century. It didn't exist yet when Lewis and Clark surveyed the land the United States gained in the Louisiana Purchase. In fact, the Oregon Territory was not even a part of the Louisiana Purchase.

What did pioneers buy during the Oregon trail?

The Oregon Trail was a rough trip and they carried most of the supplies they needed. There were no stores or malls to make a stop at, but vast desolate land with nothing. Every once in awhile they would get to a fort/trading post and get items they needed. Things like flour, dried beans, and other s (MORE)

What obstacles did the pioneers face on the Oregon trail?

There were many dangers. Life was very hard.. At the start the land was flat and everyone was still fresh, but as the trip went along things got harder. They were going 2400 miles across land that was a combination of prairie , mountains, and deserts. Each had their own problems. They faced awful st (MORE)

Why was Oregon called a pioneers paradise?

These early settlers wrote letters home describing Oregon as a "pioneer's paradise." The weather was always sunny, they claimed. Disease was unknown. Trees grew as thick as hairs on a dog's back. And farms were free for the taking. One man even joked that "pigs are running about under the great acor (MORE)

How did the pioneers survive traveling on the great plains through the oregon trail?

Some didn't . Life was very hard. At the start the land was flat and everyone was still fresh, but as the trip went along things got harder. They were going 2400 miles across land that was a combination of prairie , mountains, and deserts. Each had their own problems. They faced awful storms, floods (MORE)

How did pioneers travel west on the Oregon and Mormon trails?

The most common form of transportation for pioneers among the Oregon and Mormon trails was by wagon. Usually wagons were pulled by a team of oxen although horses, mules, and cattle were sometimes used. Those looking for quick travel or who were traveling alone with few belongings might take just a h (MORE)

How did pioneers cook their food on the Oregon trail?

In pretty much the same way you'd cook out over a campfire. Theyhad pots and pans which they hung over the fire or balanced onrocks so they could cook on them. They also had Dutch ovens whichare buried under the coals for baking and spits for cooking meats.