When did the southern states first secede from the union?

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The southern states first seceded on December 20. 1860, and the first state to do so was South Carolina
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Who was the president when the first southern state seceded from the union?

Answer James Buchanan was at then end of his presidency when South Carolina originally succeeded from the Union. He deemed it unconstitutional to let them go, but also uncons

Why did the Southern states secede from the Union?

the Texas this is the right answer This could take a book, but here's a brief summary. The Southern states did not secede for a single reason, and not all Southern states pla

Why did southern states secede from the union?

The South believed that each state was it's own separate country (state) able to make laws and print money and decide issues, such as slavery, on it's own terms. Their motto w

When did southern states secede from the union?

On March 3, 1861 - the day Lincoln was inaugurated, 7 states seceded from the Union. South Carolina . Mississippi . Florida . Alabama . Georgia . Louisiana . Texas .

What were the first seven Southern states to secede from the Union?

The first state to secede was South Carolina on December 20, 1860.It was followed by six other southern slaves states includingMississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisian
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Why did southern states seceded from the union?

The south seceded from the union because they believed in nullification, and the north did not. Nullification was a term for the individual state having the right to disregard