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When do I use teflon plumbing tape?

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When the local codes allow its use on the piping as some codes do restrict the use of tape
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Can you use Teflon tape to seal a propane line?

While there are Teflon lubricants, Teflon (PTFE) thread seal tape is most definitely for sealing threads. There are relevant standards for these and they are UL listed for suc

Do you use Teflon tape on hydraulic hose threads?

Use PASTE aka pipe dope. Any Teflon tape that is introduced into a hydraulic system can cause all kinds of problems. Tape can cause valves to not seat properly, allowing leaka

Which fitting requires a the use of teflon tape?

Many fittings, except unions, require the use of teflon tape.

Can teflon tape be used on propane lines?

teflon tape is ment for water proofing. But if it is for threds on the line, it should be safe. Dont use to much or to little. Start tape 2 threads back so as not to have tape
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Do you use teflon tape with a union coupling?

You use it on the pipe that the union is connected to, but not on the threads of the union itself. The union seals where the two halves join and there is no liquid or gas in c