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When do caterpillars turn into their cocoons?

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How do caterpillars weave their cocoons?

The silk comes out of their mouths, and they're constantly in motion while they're weaving their cocoons.

Do caterpillars make cocoons in trees?

they can. But the can make cacoons in virtualy anything, from flower stems to bicyle handle bars. as long as it is elevated and has someting for it to attatch itself to.

How does a caterpillar hatch from its cocoon?

It chews its way out since it eats leaves its cocoon is almost like leaves.

What caterpillar has the longest cocoon stage?

The length of the cocoon stages depends on the type of caterpillar.  For Monarch butterflies it is 10 days long.

Can a caterpillars cocoon survive in the winter?

Yes, as long as it's in a good place and well-protected from wind, rain and harsh temperatures. If they couldn't survive we simply wouldn't have anymore caterpillars the follo

How does a caterpillar make its cocoon?

yes a catipiller makes it a cacoon out of its saliva

Why do caterpillars make cocoons?

to become a buterfly or a moth of different types and sizes hope that helps

Where do caterpillars make cocoons?

Anywhere! A cocoon is a silk 'sleeping bag' that some species of moths make. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar changes into a pupa. From the pupa emerges the adult moth. A ca

Do caterpillars have to cocoon upside down?

No some moths go on the ground and most caterpillars hang upside down and some stay on the ground

How long do caterpillars stay in cocoons?

we just got the bugville butterfly house, and our caterpillars (painted lady) stayed in their cocoons for 12 days. it really depends on the type of caterpillar. hope this help

What happens when a caterpillar turns into a cocoon?

If you leave it there, and nothing else comes along and eats it, then eventually the bottom of the cocoon opens up and a moth or a butterfly struggles out. It sits in the air