When do haruhi and tamaki kiss?

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Haruhi and Tamaki have yet to purposely kiss, but Tamaki kissed Haruhi on the forehead twice, once tried to kiss her lips, and just recently in Chapter 72 I think, when they turned around, their lips met slightly and they blush insanely. Hope it helped!

yah in chapter 81 they kiss severaly times and they nd up going on a date :)
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What is haruhi?

Haruhi is the protagonist of the anime; "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". She is a god-like character with the ability to make wishes come true and to create new dimensions and worlds. However, she cannot know about these abilities and does not realize what she does. For example, she made a diffe (MORE)

Who is tamaki suoh?

tamaki suoh is from the ouran high school host club its an anime he is the prince type that's all i can give i love tamaki suoh well you can search it on wikipedia or in the Google seach box and look for pictures. He is a blond haired half Japanese and half French boy. His mother is usually ill and (MORE)

Who is tamaki suou?

Tamaki Suou is a fictional character from the manga and anime called Ouran High Host Club ( Ouran High School Host Club, Ouran Koukou Host Club etc... ) by Bisco Hatori. . Excuse my English - it's not my first language.

What chapter does tamaki and haruhi kiss?

ammm you mean the young girl who works at a shop in an abandoned city along with her grandmother,....she does not kiss no one and haruhi(this character is tottaly unknow for me) well you must have seen some fanfiction. uh... Tamaki kisses Haruhi in chapter 81 on page 17 but i forget if he kisses (MORE)

What does the name tamaki mean?

um...no... Tamakizu (although not the same as our beloved Tamaki ;-P) means bullet wound which I believe may be as close as you can get to Tamaki but I'll keep looking ^.^also Tamiko means beautiful but that's all I can find New : From what i have learned (it says it in the Manga at some point) (MORE)

Does tamaki love haruhi?

Tamaki does love Haruhi. He thinks his feelings are justfatherly love, but he later realizes he loves her for real.

Who does haruhi fujioka like?

well obviously im a Hikaru and Haruhi fan(judging fom my username). somewher around the 57th chapter she realizes that she is in love with Tamaki.. sometime after that Hikaru confesses his love to her,but unfornately she rejected him.. to answer your question plainly she likes Tamaki

Who does haruhi like?

in the beginning of the series she is not that interested in any of the boys besides that of a friend. but later she and Tamaki confess that they love each other.

Did hikaru kiss haruhi?

No, not that I know of. The only one out of the Hitachi brothers isKaoru, he kisses Haruhi on the cheek while Hikaru was there andHikaru got jealous but Hikaru does love Haruhi and Kaoru loves hertoo but loves Hikaru more and doesn't want to lose their brotherlyrelationship and gives up on Haruhi so (MORE)

How old is haruhi?

Sine she is in (American) 10th grade (Japanese High School 1st grade), she would be...15 or 16.

Does kyoya love haruhi?

In the episode 'The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club', episode 8, he does seem to like her. The scene in the bedroom was only about him showing her that though not all the time, gender is an important factor in her life, and she should remember that. It hints towards the fact that he likes her, and t (MORE)

Who does haruhi love?

Ouran High School Host Club/*ANSWER INCLUDES SPOILER!* Haruhi loves Tamaki, it took a while for her to realize, but she realizes her feelings for Tamaki are love. . The Melancoly of Haruhi Suzmiya/ Haruhi loves Kyon

Does everyone find out Haruhi is a girl?

Minor Spoiling* Haha, Ouran High School Host Club?? All the main characters (the ones in the Host Club) find out before the end of the episode!! But no, not everyone does. . Find out more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouran_High_School_Host_Club Ok so like the other person said a (MORE)

In which episode do tamaki and haruhi kiss?

episode 26. They were suppose to kiss in the last epsiode but sadly didnt. I heard that they kissed in the manga though. . They accidently kissed in chapter 72 of the manga and Tamaki has kissed her on the forehead, I think twice.

Do Tamaki and Haruhi love each other?

yes . tamaki already said he likes haruhi and haruhi always act wierd in front tamaki In the manga after they share an accidental kiss in chapter 72 (i think) Haruhi and Tamaki have many thoughts on how to confess to one another that they love each other. It's really cute and I can't wait to see h (MORE)

Did haruhi and kyon ever kiss?

Yes they do kiss breifly in the first season, but as commented before they do not end up together! There is a new season coming out called 'the Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya' this year though, hopefully we will see them together in this ;)

How old is tamaki?

In the anime Tamaki Suoh is a softmore at Ouran High school. In the manga he is a softmore and then comes a junior when he is preping for his fathers business.

Who ends up with Haruhi?

If you mean Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club, she ends up with Tamaki. If you mean Haruhi Suzumiya from The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, I'm pretty sure she doesn't end up with anyone, but I could be wrong.

What does the name haruhi mean in English?

That depends entirely on what characters are used to write it. For example, written 春姫 (as in Kamisaka Haruhi from the game and anime Happiness!) it means 'spring' and 'princess', but written 晴日 (as in singer Aiso Haruhi) it means 'clear weather' and 'day' or 'sun'. It's also com (MORE)

Does haruhi and tamaki get together?

In the Anime, no, I haven't read the Manga yet, so I suggest asking someone who has for a more depthful answer. In the end of the Anime it was hinted at that they loved each other, but too vaguely to me. Guess it's up to the fan artists and Fan-Fic authors to decide

In Ouran highschool host club does tamaki kiss haruhi?

Hi well I tried everything to find out but no i don't think so but there is a manga were you can keep reading if you want to to see what will happen later go on mangafox and just time in ouran high school host club EDIT LittleBayPony yes, Haruhi and Tamaki do kiss, chapter 83, page 43 haha, i (MORE)

How can you act like tamaki from ouran?

Haha good question but sort of an easy answer... Every cute girl yu see flirt with her and kiss her hand. You can also act like your king of the world and make everyone do what you say.

Who is tamaki from the host club?

Tamaki is the hotest boy on the ouran host club and he has the most wonderful smile and he is the most kind even though he has a crush on haruka because they look so cute together and they are the cutest couple on this show if you look them up on netflix if you have it on your wii they have all sort (MORE)

What season did haruhi and kyon kiss?

The first. It happens when Haruhi creates that new world with just Kyon and herself in it. Kyon gets everything to return to normal by kissing Haruhi.

Do Haruhi and hikaru kiss?

If you are talking about Ouran High School Host Club (which I believe you are) then the answer is no. Hikaru likes Haruhi but she falls in love with Tamaki. If you havn't watched the full anime, don't read on! Haruhi only kisses one person in the anime and that is a girl but it's only because th (MORE)

Why does haruhi chose tamaki?

Um... that's a bit of a though question... it's kind of hard to know the answer for that since I don't think they ever specify it in the anime or the manga. I guess because she knows she loves him...? I may be wrong and they do mention some reason but I don't remember it ever being mentioned.

Do the twins like haruhi?

Kaoru and Hikaru both have romantic feelings for Haruhi but Kaoru steps back to let Hikaru come to realize his feelings for Haruhi and encourages Hikaru to pursue his feelings. At least that is what I got from the anime but those reading the manga will have a much better understanding, I would think (MORE)

How can Haruhi tell the twins a pair?

If you mean apart she explains in the anime that she can tell because she sees Hikaru as a bit more devious than Kaoru. Everyone who watches the anime can tell from the difference in voice actors, though.

What has the author Tamaki Ogawa written?

Tamaki Ogawa has written: 'Toshi gaisetsu' -- subject(s): Chinese poetry, History and criticism 'Kaze to kumo' -- subject(s): Chinese literature, History and criticism 'Lun Chung-kuo shih' -- subject(s): Chinese poetry, History and criticism