When do solar panels pay for themselves?

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The payback on solar panels depends on the type of panel, as well as what incentives are available. For example in Louisiana the state will pay for up to half the cost on your system, so you could install a Solar Water Heating panel for around 2500 which would pay for itself within the first 3 years. If you replace a gas or electric Pool heater with Solar Pool heating panels they would pay for themselves within 1~2 years.

If you mean Solar Electric panels, they have the longest payback of all. Even with a 30% incentive from the US government most Solar Electric systems will still take 8~12 years to pay for themselves. Luckily they last 25~30 years.
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Which is better solar panels or solar tiles?

Solar tiles are about four times as much as solar panels when you price them per watt. The panels have a better warrenty and are eisier to install. Solar tiles are for those communities that have restrictions on how the house must look. Also consider putting them on a rack beside the house instead o (MORE)

How often do you clean solar panels?

PRN. (As required.) As solar panels get dirty or coated with other things that "block" incoming light, their efficiency goes down. Obviously. The good news is that a panel doesn't just "stop working" out of the blue because it wasn't cleaned. Its efficiency will just fall off gradually. Eyeball the (MORE)

How does a solar panel work?

Silicon atoms have room for eight electrons in their outer bands,but only carry four in their natural state. This means there isroom for four more electrons. If one silicon atom contacts anothersilicon atom, each receives the other atom's four electrons. Thiscreates a strong bond, but there is no po (MORE)

What do solar panels do?

they convert solar energy ( light from the sun) into electricity to use in houses or buisnesses. to install, it costs money, but the energy is free from nature! :)

How do you build a solar panel?

I've been looking into this recently because it's so expensive to buy a new system. I've been able to figure it out from instructions I got on this great website. I bought the manual before they had the videos to go along with it and the manual is great. Gives everything you need to know so I'm sure (MORE)

How are solar panels are made?

How are solar panels made? . Discover the process of making a solar panel . Making solar panels is a delicate process, and it is for this reason that major solar advances did not come into play until the lattermost quarter of the last century, when advances in semiconductors and photovoltaic d (MORE)

Who made the first solar panel?

The team of Daryl Chapin , Calvin Fuller,& Gerald Pearson created the first working photovoltaic cell in 1954,according to the U.S. Department of Energy. the first P.V. cell had an efficiency of 4% and could power electronics of the day. Department of Angostura of Solar

How many solar panels does a solar farm have?

A solar farm will typically have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of solar panels. A great place for a solar farm is out in a barren area that isn't productive for anything else, but has an abundance of sunlight.

How much energy is used to manufacture ship and install a 200 watt PV solar panel How long does it take for the panel to pay for these costs?

Hi, a good question. Solar Energy International is a non profit group that does research on solar power. They studied this problem for several years. The number of years varies, but runs between 1.5 and 6 years for a panel to earn back it's, "Embodied Energy." Many people I talk to argue that th (MORE)

What is solar panel for?

Solar Panels Ontario was created with the intention of helping thepublic understand the tremendous benefits of using solar power andhelping them save more money on their utility bills. With growingenvironmental concerns, solar power is slowly marching to theforefront of the ever-improving renewable (MORE)

What can solar panels do?

Solar panels receive energy from the Sun and use it to produce electricity. They are much cheaper to maintain than oil-powered electricity generators and oil storage tanks. Solar panels are also friendlier to the environment because they let off less pollution to the atmosphere compared to the smell (MORE)

What do solar panels have in them?

Solar panels are a series of cells connected together. Also you can make your own solar panels because today some manufacturers sell the cells individually. I bought a DIY Guide that helps me make my own solar systems at a fraction of retail prices. If you are interested the site can be rea (MORE)

What can a solar panel do?

An solar panel can help you to get solar energy which is renewable source of energy. if you are in an area where electricity is not available or some sought of shortage is there then you should definitely think to get solar panels. They are a bit costly but worth buy as they will save you ample of (MORE)

How is solar energy stored in solar panels?

Trick question - it's not! Solar panels do not store energy but convert the Sun's energy into electricity. This direct current (DC) electricity (energy) is then transferred immediately through wires to a load (something that uses energy). For most residential uses, solar energy must be inverted from (MORE)

What is the cost for Solar panels for a solar farm?

You have to know what your needs are. How many hours? How many watts? Room for future expansion? There are plenty of professional solar installers sites on the internet that will give you free estimates and provide you with all the information to make a sensible choice.

How many solar panels are in a solar plant?

The number of solar panels in an installation depends on a few factors, mainly the amount of physical space available for the installation and the required output for the panels. Residential and commercial solar grids for houses and businesses often utilize smaller panels and generally take up a sma (MORE)

What are Solar panels?

Solar panels area group of 36 solar cells arranged on a board to produce a level of usable power. Each cell produces just under 1 vdc. Ganging these up into a set of 36 allows the system to produce around 12 to 15 vdc. This allows the charging of a car battery. They do allow for power in very rem (MORE)

What is the most powerful solar panel?

The most powerful solar panel is the Sunpower Turnkey Solar Solution. If you are thinking of getting this, think again. This effiecient Solar Panel is only built for busieness and Government buildings.

How can be minimize the cost of solar panel?

I've been looking into this recently because it's so expensive to buy a new system. I've been able to figure it out from instructions I got on this great website. Gives everything you need to know to build your own panels for a LOT less than it costs to buy them. Here's the site: www.NewDIYSolar.c (MORE)

Why are solar panels not widely used?

My guess is that integrating solar panels into pre-existing energy networks would be difficult and costly. You also have to wonder how many solar panels we would need to replace the electricity we use. I imagine it would take very many solar panels just to keep a corporate building in power. I as (MORE)

Do solar panels have solar cells?

Solar panels which are solar photovoltaic (solar - electric), i.e. produce electricity (or convert the solar light energy to electrical) directly usually do have solar cells. Solar cells are the building blocks of the solar electric (photovoltaic) systems. The solar cell by definition is the smal (MORE)

Where can you get solar panels?

You can get them installed by solar businesses, probably in your local area. You can also buy them from suppliers on the Internet and install them yourself

What do solar panels replace?

coal, oil, and gas for electricity and transportation. Solar power and panels replace all fossil fuels and are much better for the earth.

How much can a solar panel power?

That depends entirely upon the size of the solar panel and how many cells it has. Panels can be small enough to fit on and power a pocket calculator, generating less than 1 volt, or they can be very large, such as those you might find on a residential rooftop for supplying 110 volt power for the hom (MORE)

Why are solar solar panels rectangle?

Most solar panels are rectangular in shape. The main reason for this is to be able to get the best use of an area. There are solar panels that are in other shapes also. They don't have to be rectangular to work.

Why should solar panels be used?

They use an unlimited energy source. Which helps reduce the need for burning coal or using other limited resources for energy.

Why do most people still pay for their electricity through the local power company instead of installing solar panels on their homes?

Generally its a cost related issue, or a lack of knowledge of the benefit of solar power. It has a large initial cost, but generally the payback is between 7 to 10 years depending on where you live, rebates and type of electric pay rates. It can also be a matter of convenience, and space. Many pe (MORE)

Where can you get a solar panel good for a solar boat?

For a toy: . Look on E-Bay if you are wanting individual solar cells, or a small 12V panel. A typical silicone cell should put about 1/2 volt per cell. Solder several in series to increase the voltage. Another thing you might look at are solar lights at your favorite department store or home (MORE)

Are solar panels in danger of running out?

No. They can be recycled. If they are broken, each piece will still work as a solar cell in many cases. It is even possible to home-make them out of copper foil, although they won't make as much power as factory-made ones. Silicon comes from sand, even beach sand, and most solar panels made today ar (MORE)

Can solar panels get power on the moon?

Yes they can as the sun is still producing light energy and it can still be absorbed by the solar cells, only problem is the pressure might break it and so you may need to reenforce it :)

What is use of the solar panel?

solar panel = assembly of solar cells, which is used to absorb solar energy from the sun and then this energy is converted into electrical energy by the solar panel to use it commercially.......

What are the advantages of using solar panel?

Solar Panels are devices that use the sun's energy or solar energyand converts it to electrical energy which is then transferred toappliances. It is an environmental friendly device. It does notproduce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. If you look on witheconomical views, it saves you a lot of m (MORE)

Is a solar cell a solar panel?

Yes and No, A solar panel is made up of solar cells. So a Solar Cells is the main part of collecting solar energy, but they are not the same thing.

Are solar panels good or bad?

Solar panels are good for relatively low-power applications where getting a supply from the grid would be costly or difficult. For example, remote buildings, signs, temporary or mobile equipment. In residential applications, however, compared to the cost of electricity from the grid, the power gener (MORE)

Can solar panels rust?

They can. If there on high on a beaming hot day in the sun. Then for a week of rain-they can rust.

Are solar panels an example of solar energy?

Solar panels are not an example of solar energy but rather they are means through which solar energy (that is energy from the sun) is converted into electricity. Check out the related link for great videos and information on solar panels.

How long does it take for a solar panel to pay for itself?

If we do not consider the rebates that some countries offer on solar panels, the payback normally runs between 20 and 25 years. The long payback though ignores the increased benefits to the planet and the possibility of increased electric costs over that time period. Panels will also degrade with (MORE)

What are the cheapest solar panels or photovoltaic panels?

They are both the same thing. Solar panels is just another name for PV or photovoltaic panels. \n\nAs for the price, you have to do research in your local area, as prices differ all over the world. Solar panels are getting cheaper every year, with the price for large quantities in July 2012 at l (MORE)

What has solar panels?

Well solar panels can be on or in a lot of places like homes, restaurants , farms, etc.....