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When do wolf cubs open their eyes?

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Eyes open 9-12 days after birth.

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At 2
weeks old the Pups open their eyes.

They are not called cubs, bears are cubs or their young is cubs. a wolf baby is a pup
Wolf pups open their eyes when they are ten months old.
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How much do wolf cubs eat?

Wolf cubs, like most mammals, drink milk for the first few weeks of  their lives. They are then feed through regurgitation by older  members of the pack until they are old e

Is a young wolf called a cub?

Yes, but they are also called pups.

How many cubs does a wolf have?

The amount of offspring a wolf produces depends one the species. Some species of wolf have large litters and others have relatively small ones. For example: . The Grey Wolf

Tiger cubs eyes open at?

Tiger cubs open their eyes when they are about ten days old.

What do gray wolf cubs eat?

Milk when they are very young. TWhen the cubs are old enough to start eating meat, the adults in the pack will eat as much meat as possible after making a kill then return to

How does a wolf take care and train its wolf cubs?

  A wolf does many things to protect its young. When it is born it drinks its mothers milk. As it gets older the grownups will then regugarate fresh kill for them. The kid
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How does a wolf train its cubs?

Many wolves train their cubs by teaching them to hunt and fight usually the wolf cub learns on its own and the mother wolf soon forgets the cubs after they are separated