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When do wolf cubs open their eyes?

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Eyes open 9-12 days after birth.

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At 2
weeks old the Pups open their eyes.

They are not called cubs, bears are cubs or their young is cubs. a wolf baby is a pup
Wolf pups open their eyes when they are ten months old.
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About how many cub does a mother wolf have?

  Female wolves have litters of one to eleven pups in a lair that may be a cave, a hollow tree trunk, a thicket, or a hole in the ground. The pups normally stay with the p

Wolf cub or wolf pup?

Wolf pup. Cubs is commonly for young bears.   But you fergot, Cubs are allso referd as Big-cat's cubs. You know, the baby cats, are kittens. But for all of you there, demst

What do gray wolf cubs eat?

Milk when they are very young. TWhen the cubs are old enough to start eating meat, the adults in the pack will eat as much meat as possible after making a kill then return to

When do cheetah cubs open their eyes?

Well, around their first month to second month of their life. They are never fully blind because of their other senses, but overall, blindness in sight is kinda correct at bir

Which year did the wolf cubs start?

They began experimenting with it in 1914, and it became an official part of scouting in 1916 when BP published The Wolf Cub's Handbook.
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How old can a wolf get when it is a cub?

First off, there is no such thing as a "wolf cub." Secondly, wolves are pups when they are first born. They become a wolf when they reach a year to two years of age. A wolf
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Would a wolf have cubs with a tiger?

No, they would not. Further to that, they could not. They are genetically too different to have a sterile child between them. (This is opposed to a horse and an ass which wh