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ALL THE TIMe well tecnically in the spring when the flowers bloom and you see a really big bunny hopping down the bunny trail
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Why are eggs a special Easter symbols?

Easter eggs are meant to symbolize the 'empty tomb of Jesus.' In  other words, the shell of the egg represents impenetrable stone,  yet still a life can be hatched from it.

What does the egg have to do with Easter?

Eggs signify new life, which Jesus Christ gave us in the resurrection, allowing us to have eternal life after death with him in heaven. Thus the eggs signify new life, this wa

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What is the origin of the Easter egg?

Easter is the name of the English Goddess of Light. Her annual Spring-time festival was ancient before the Christians appeared and caused the people, in the words of the Vener

Easter egg hunt clues?

look in the easy places first most people will put them in easy  places because they think your to smart to look there

What day do you eat Easter eggs?

Easter eggs can be eaten at any time of the year. However, traditionally, it is suggested that you begin to eat Easter eggs on Easter Sunday and continue to eat eggs until all

Why do you eat Easter eggs at Easter?

we eat Easter eggs at Easter to celebrate new life.

What day do you give an Easter egg?

- Easter Sunday An Easter Egg is a sign of new life, it used to be prohibited food for Catholics during Lent. Ya Man

Why do people give out Easter eggs on Easter day?

so that we can celebrate how christ came back to earth and its on a Sunday because that was the day god rested. do you get the pattern now?

What do rabbits chicks and Easter eggs have to do with Easter?

They have virtually nothing to do with the resurrection as it as celebrated religiously.  The secular practices at Easter time, including the word Easter itself, have more to

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What does the Easter bunny have to do with Easter and the egg?

It has nothing to do with Christianity. The legend has it that there was a beautiful bird who loved the goddess Isis. Each year on the spring equinox would come and lay her co

Why do you have Easter eggs at Easter?

Very simply, Christians have eggs at Easter because pagans used to celebrate the coming of spring with eggs (which were a sign of new life and rebirth). When Christianity spre

What does Easter eggs symbolize in the Easter story?

Easter Eggs- as well as the bunny- are actually a couple of the thousands of pagan symbols in Christian culture and Christianity itself.
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Why are Easter eggs associated with Easter?

Rabbits and eggs are pagan fertility symbols of extreme antiquity.   Birds lay eggs and rabbits give birth to large litters in the early spring these became symbols of the
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Why do people celebrate Easter with Easter eggs?

Thousands of years of paganism in Europe didn't just go away because a new religion came on the scene (Christianity). Easter falls near the Spring Equinox and the eggs are a s