When do you use families versus family's?

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Families is the plural of family - it means more than one family, for example: members of all three families came to the party.

Family's is the possessive of family - it is used to show that something belongs to a family, for example: the family's dog ran away.
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How do you use the word family's in a sentence?

(family's is the possessive form of the singular group noun family) That is my family's car. A family's health is among its major concerns. (note singular) A family's

How to write family's or families in the sentence We hope both of your families will join us?

Since you use the word both , then you are writing about more than one family, therefore you would use the plural noun - families . If you had been referring to something

When do you use family's instead of families in a sentence?

You would use "family's" if you are saying they own something, such as: " That family's house is big!!" Or, if you used "families" you would be using it because you are say

Can you use one family's credit rating to get a mortgage for two families?

If it is zoned properly to permit two families to live in the property the answer would be yes in most US jurisdictions. To give the family with the lower credit rating owners

When do you use families versus families'?

The word families is a plural noun that can be the subjector object in a sentence: . Three families attended the picnic. (subject) . Letters were delivered to all famili