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Erosion occurs when a rock is carried away from where it was weathered. It makes the rock fragments rounded and small.
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How does wave and beach erosion occur?

Wave erosion occurs when waves wear down rock in the ocean floor and turn them into sand. This is how some beaches' sand is made. The waves will also pick up rocks and throw t

Where does weathering erosion occur?

  Mountain slopes, rocky seaside cliffs, canyon walls, slopes of hills, even sand dunes. Any vertical inclines that wind and precipitation, especially when working simult

How does soil erosion occur?

soil erosion occurs when the surface of the soil is being washed away by erosion agents such as wind, rain, flood etc.

How does erosion occur?

Erosion occurs when the soil breaks because of strong water discharge during heavy storm. Wind is also a primary cause of erosion when it blows hard enough on unprotected so

Does weathering and erosion occur on the moon?

Not like on Earth. The moon has no atmosphere, so there is no wind or air at all to cause erosion. However, the moon is bombarded with objects in space that normally would bur

How does footpath erosion occur?

Foot path erosion occurs when an excessive number of people walk on a path, usually most common at national parks. it could also happen when a considerable amount of people wa

When does soil erosion occur?

When rainfall and runoff displace soil particles from inadequately protected surfaces.   when there has been a lot of rain When environmental agents begin to wash away the

What occurs during a wind erosion?

Erosion occurs when strong winds blow removing the top fertile layer of soil. The top soil containing clay,loam and organic matter is carried away by strong winds to many kil