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It sounds like there is another question or concern behind this question. Here's the deal. There is really not such thing as a "penis exam." Assuming that you are old enough to ask the question, you have been alive long enough to have been to the doctor many times for regular check up's. From the time you are born until you are dead, your doctor will be evaluating your penis as part of any general physical exam. The only time you would have just your penis examined is if you were having some sort of specific problem with your penis in which case you would go to a special doctor, called a Urologist, who specializes, if you can believe it, in dealing with that part of your body. They also deal with the inside parts you can't see, too.

It seems like there might be some concern or potential embarrassment about having your penis examined by your doctor. Any respectable doctor is going to be sensitive to concerns about a patients feelings during an exam that includes the penis. Doctor's are interested in getting the job done not in spending any more time than absolutely necessary looking at your penis. And remember this, you may not have a lot of people looking at or touching your penis, the doctor will have seen hundreds, if not thousands or more. So, it's not nearly as big a deal to them as it is for you. Also, if you are especially nervous or have some concerns about the exam, speak up and let your health care provider know. And boys, if you aren't comfortable having a female provider check out your privates, speak up and let them know.

Also, and this is always an area of fear for guys, especially young guys, don't worry about having an erection (boner) during an exam. Every health care provider knows that you are worried about it and they also know that it happens all the time, especially when you are young or in the middle of puberty and having someone poke around down there. They will generally reassure you that it is perfectly normal and proceed with the exam in a professional way and not embarrass you in any way.

Lastly, if you don't feel comfortable with what the provider is doing or feel like they are doing something they should, speak up. Let them know your concerns and they should respond appropriately. If they don't and you feel like you've been violated, talk to your parents or another trusted adult who should be able to help you sort through what has happened and decide if you should take any further action. Also, some young guys prefer to have a parent, most often their father, with them during any exam that includes the genitals.
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