What are the best peer to peer programs using bit torrent for music downloading?

I personally use "Azureus" and have found it to be better than any of the others for my needs, the GUI is very simple and easy to navigate and everything is very simple and se (MORE)

Your torrent downloads does not starts?

There are many possible reasons. The most likely is that your ISP or school or company has blocked all torrent traffic. Not much you can do about that. Second, make sure you a (MORE)

What is peers in torrent downloads?

There are two definitions for peers in torrents: . Those who have less than 100% of the content associated with the torrent. They download from seeds and other peers and u (MORE)
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What are some dangers of using torrent sites to download material?

Using sites like torrent sites to download music, movies, or computer programs could come at a huge price. Since most of the media offered in torrent files is copyrighted mate (MORE)