When is Asia not called Asia?

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Countries located in the Middle East region that are also on the Asian continent are part of Asia but people simply refer to the region as the Middle East and exclude these countries when making reference to Asia. The vast majority of Russia is in Asia, but even when you are in the Asian portion of Russia, normally you wouldn't say you're in Asia. Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia are not physically on the Asian continent just like Britain is not on the European continent, are sometimes referred to as Pacific Islands rather than Asia. And then there is the Eurasian continent, Europe and Asia combined is actually one single continent, in this sense you would just say Eurasia to mean both Europe as well as Asia, such as "China is located in Eurasia."
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Where is Asia?

Asia is the largest continent, located between Europe and Africaand the Pacific Ocean, just above Australia. It is generallybetween 5°N and 80°N and between 35°E and

What is a nurse in Asia called?

Came across the answer in my crossword puzzle today. Cheers!. a·mah also a·ma . (äm, ämä) n. . A housemaid, especially a wet nurse, in India and the Far E

What is Asia?

Asia is a c ontinent that consists of many Asian countries such as China, India and Japan. Asia is warm in some places and cold in others. Depends on the season.

What is there to do in Asia?

There is so much culture to see in Asia, such as India, China and Malaysia . the reason most people go to Asia is to see Mt. Everest in the Himalayas

What is in Asia?

Your question is too general, no one will be able to answer such question since there are so many languages in Asia. Thank you

Why Asia called continent and diversity?

Asia is called the continent of diversity and contrast because each people in the region doesn't share the same culture,government, religion, races,ideas, and etc.
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Why Asia is called continent of exotistism?

This is because Asia is full of wonders and contrasts. Also because it is very different from any other continent, by it's nature and technology.
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What is an Asia?

The largest continent,bounded on the west by Europe and Africa,on the south by the Indian Ocean,and on the east by the Pacific.
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What is Asia-?

Asia is a country with Asian people