When is Asia not called Asia?

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In Asia
Countries located in the Middle East region that are also on the Asian continent are part of Asia but people simply refer to the region as the Middle East and exclude these countries when making reference to Asia. The vast majority of Russia is in Asia, but even when you are in the Asian portion of Russia, normally you wouldn't say you're in Asia. Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia are not physically on the Asian continent just like Britain is not on the European continent, are sometimes referred to as Pacific Islands rather than Asia. And then there is the Eurasian continent, Europe and Asia combined is actually one single continent, in this sense you would just say Eurasia to mean both Europe as well as Asia, such as "China is located in Eurasia."
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Where is Asia?

Asia is the largest continent, located between Europe and Africaand the Pacific Ocean, just above Australia. It is generallybetween 5°N and 80°N and between 35°E and about 180°E . Asia is thelargest continent in the world. Countries like Russia, China, andIndia inhabit this continent.

How did imperialism in Asia help Asia?

In a post medievial society imperialism helped. The king, the Tsaror the Emperor was the sole governing authority. Inheritedpositions. General people had no say. The counsellors to theEmperor played active roles. This was upto 2nd world war.Monarchies in Europe even before great world wars changed a (MORE)

Why does southeast Asia called as far east?

The earth is divided into an imaginary id by lines of "latitude" and "longitude". Lines of latitude measue north and south, from 0 degrees (at the equator) to 90 degrees (at the earth's poles). Lines of longitude measue east and west, from 0 degrees to 180 degrees BUT there is no natural divider for (MORE)

Why Vietnam is called the Tiny Dragon of Asia?

It refers to the strong developing economy of Vietnam in the recent years just like India, China. It economic growth rate is stood in the second after China in the past 10 years. In addition, Vietnam is the greatest rice export, and a major sea foods supplier of the world. Despite, the rumor that T (MORE)

What is a nurse in Asia called?

Came across the answer in my crossword puzzle today. Cheers!. a·mah also a·ma . (äm, ämä) n. . A housemaid, especially a wet nurse, in India and the Far East

What is Asia?

Asia is a c ontinent that consists of many Asian countries such as China, India and Japan. Asia is warm in some places and cold in others. Depends on the season.

Why is Asia called the continent of extremes?

ASIA is called the 'Continent of Extreme' due to the following reasons. 1. It has the world's highest mountain peak, MOUNT EVEREST, and the lowest land depression, the DEAD SEA. 2. It has recorded the lowest temperature in Verkhoyansk (-70C), in RUSSIA, and the highest temperature in Jacobabad (50C) (MORE)

Does Asia continent called as a country today?

No. A continent is a mass of land. A country is an area controlled by one government. Asia is a continent with many countries on it. The only continent that is also a country is Australia.

Why is Asia called the continent of diversity and contrast?

\nAsia is called the continent of diversity and contrasat because people in ech regio doesn't share the same culture,religion,government and ideas. Asian people differ in all aspects.. \nAsia is called the continent of diversity and contrast because \neach people in the region doesn't share the sam (MORE)

What is there to do in Asia?

There is so much culture to see in Asia, such as India, China and Malaysia . the reason most people go to Asia is to see Mt. Everest in the Himalayas

What is in Asia?

Your question is too general, no one will be able to answer such question since there are so many languages in Asia. Thank you

Why is Philippines called the gateway of Asia?

The Philippines is the gateway of asia because of its central location in the southeast. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_do_you_think_the_Philippines_is_the_gateway_of_Asia#ixzz29Um9szX8

Why Asia called land of extremes?

Asia is called land of extremes because their are: 1)highest place(mt.Everest) 2)lowest place(Jordan valley) 3)Hotest place(thar desert) 4)coldest palce(siberia) 5)equilatorial climate to polar climate 6)highest plateau(tibetan plateau) 7)deepest gorge "dana"

Why is Mongolia called the dead heart of Asia?

Mongolia plateau is between khingan and yablonoi mountain. These area is so dry that almost no biodiversity is located and there is no vegetation.That is why Mongolia is called dead heart of Asia.

Why southwest Asia called Mesopotamia?

The word "Mesopotamia" consists of two words . 1: Meso meaning middle or between (greek μέσος) . 2: Potamia meaning river (greek ποταμός) . Literally meaning between two rivers, because it is found between river Tigris and Tuphrates.

What do they call Christmas in the middle east Asia?

Middle Easterners call Christmas as "Christmas" in whatever language they speak. In Arabic, the most common language in the Middle East, the word for Christmas is 3id Milaad (عيد ميلاد).

Why is the Philippine is called the sick man of Asia?

There's no such thing as sick man of asia...or it could be describe as such at some point during the martial law days, but the Philippines has since moved out of that stigma when martial law was lifted. When the financial crises first hit the "healthy" countries of the world during the Ramos admini (MORE)

Why is it that Asia called as a land of contrasts?

asia is the land of contrasts because (a) on one hand it has areas with such high temperatures such as the temperature in Thar desert and very low temperatures like in russia. (b) It has highly populated areas as China or India and isolated areas too such as Thar desert again. (c) It has areas with (MORE)

Why Asia called continent and diversity?

Asia is called the continent of diversity and contrast because each people in the region doesn't share the same culture,government, religion, races,ideas, and etc.

How do you spell Asia in Asia?

Well, it depends in which country you are. In Singapore you spell is "Asia". Obviously, each country will have a different word / set of characters for it. Are you after Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, Urdu, Bahasa..?

Why is Asia called the Land of Extremes?

Asia is called the land of the extremes because, first of all, itis the biggest of the seven continents. It also covers about 30% ofthe world's land. Because Asia is so big, it touches Europe in thewest and nearly reaches North America in the east.

What is a cyclone called in Asia?

Asia borders 2 basins, Western Pacific Ocean, and the North Indian Ocean. In the West Pacific tropical cyclones are called Typhoons and in the North Indian Ocean, tropical cyclones are called cyclones.

What is an Asia?

The largest continent,bounded on the west by Europe and Africa,on the south by the Indian Ocean,and on the east by the Pacific.

What are tornadoes called in Asia?

If there person is speaking English, they will simply be calledtornadoes. Otherwise, what they are called depends on the language.In Japanese, for example, they are called tatsumaki, while inChinese they are lóngjuǎnfēng.

Why is Israel called the Jewish republic of Asia?

Answer 1 The term describing the state of Israel as the Jewish Republic ofAsia is inaccurate. The state of Israel as we know it today is alsonot a republic. The form of its government is called aparliamentary democracy. Answer 2 The term "Jewish Republic of Asia" is not a commonly used term tode (MORE)

Why south Asia called subcontinent?

Due to the presence of so many languages ,ethnic society ,diverse cultures in the one region particularly in the British India (Now India,Pakistan and Bangladesh) Europeans often says that all the provinces should become separate country and India a continent,like Europe and Africa.But the Political (MORE)

Why is Asia called continent of contracts?

That is NOT what Asia is typically called. If you enter intobusiness deals with Asians you will probably end up signing acontract, but that is also true (even more so) for America, and forall other continents except Antarctica. Should you however mean: "a continent of contrasts ", that isprobably b (MORE)