When is Elyar Fox's birthday?

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15th of july 1995 (in aus time 9:00am)

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Where do fox's sleep?

im pretty sure foxes live just about anywhere unless stuck in ine place due to babys. but if a fox can find an open area to sleep he will sleep.

What is a fox's taxa?

This is the taxonomy for the Red Fox: Kingdom: Animalia. Phylum: Chordata. SubPhylum: Vertebrate. Class: Mammalia. Order: Carnivora. SubOrder: Caniformia. Family: Canidae. SubFamily: Caninae. Tribe: Vulpini. Genus: Vulpes . Species: V. vulpes .

What is a fox's biome?

The Taiga biome is the biome that the fox is located in. The Taigabiome is also known as Coniferous forest.

What is Terry Fox's childhood?

He was an enthusiastic athlete, playing soccer, rugby and baseball as a child. [5] His passion was for basketball and though he stood only five feet tall and was a poor player at the time, Fox sought to make his school team in grade eight. His physical education teacher and basketball coach at Mary (MORE)

What are the Arctic fox's enemies?

polar bears Polar Bears and Humans. The arctic fox's biggest enemy is a red fox. The red fox has taken away a lot of the arctic foxes habitat. The arctic fox is a carnivore animal from the canine family. As apredator itself, it hasn't many natural predators. Their biggestenemy are polar bears and hu (MORE)

What is Megan Fox's cellphone number?

Wikianswers does not give our personal phone numbers. You can reachMegan Fox at: Megan Fox ICM Partners 10250 Constellation Blvd 9th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90067-6209 USA

What is a fox's nature?

Solitary most of the year, foxes do not live in dens except in the breeding season; they sleep concealed in grasses or thickets, their tails curled around them for warmth. During the breeding season a fox pair establishes a den, often in a ground burrow made by another animal, in which the young are (MORE)

What is the fox's classification?

Domain=Eukarya Kingdom=Animalia Bilateria Superphylum=Deuterostomia Phylum=Chordata Subphylum=Vertebrata Class=Mammalia Subclass=Theria Infraclass=Eutheria/Placentalia Order=Carnivora Family=Canidae Genus= Vulpes There are at least 12 Vulpes fox species: Vulpes vulpes Vupes bengalensis Vu (MORE)

Who are the Arctic fox's enemies?

the arctic fox's enemies are polar bears. the baby's enemy is the snowy owl. hunters are enemies of them both. An arctic foxes enimies are polar bears

What are a fox's adaptations?

The fox is not an animal which is heavily adapted to oneenvironment or lifestyle, and this may be one of the secrets of itswidespread success and its ability to survive in differentenvironments. Like all carnivores it needs sharp senses, (sight,hearing and smell). It sees very well in low light. The (MORE)

What is the Channel Island fox's predator?

All I know is that the Gold Eagle is the Channel Island Fox's predator.But don't be alarmed!!The Bald Eagle will chase the Gold Eagle so the Channel Island Foxes are safe!!!!:->

What are the desert fox's adaptations?

Some of the basic adaptations of the desert fox are its brown thin coat. This is because it needs to stay as cool as possible in the desert. The coat reflects heat in the daytime and insulates the fox at night. They have big ears as it helps to dissipate heat on hot days. It is also able to use it's (MORE)

What is a fox's diet?

Small rodents! It is an omnivore and its diet includes fruits, berries and grasses. It also eats birds and small mammals like squirrels, rabbits and mice. A large part of the fox's diet is made up invertebrates like crickets, caterpillars, grasshoppers, beetles and crayfish.

Who is jorja fox's daughter?

she has 1 daughter, born 1995 and Lauren i guess your not a very big fan of jorja then lol how do you know this. where did you get your information?

Why is Fox's biscuits called Fox's biscuits?

According to their website, the company was founded in 1853 by Michael Spedding - the original confectionery shop was in Batley. When he retired in 1897, he passed the business onto his son-in-law, Fred Ellis Fox. Fred's sons joined him in the company, and in 1960 the family changed the company nam (MORE)

What is a fox's environment?

it all depends on the fox. if it's a snow fox then they will be somewhere colder. if it's the red fox then it will be in the forest somewhere. but all foxes will be where the food is

What is a fox's prey?

Mostly small animals and rodents. Rodents, insects, garbage. Small animals and plants. A fox is a omnivore. Rodents, insects, garbage. Small animals and plants. A fox is a omnivore.

What is a fox's ecosystem?

usually in a deserted are, but they live in a natural habitat just like everyone and thing else. They mainly are up and down the desert or a really dry area.

What is a fox's den called?

A fox's winter home is called its den . Dens can be dug underground (often at the base of a tree) or can be found inside of a cave, under a pile of rocks, or even within a hollow log. If your question is what does one call a collection of foxes, the answer to that is a troop , earth , or skul (MORE)

Is Megan Fox's skin pale?

yes!she has a pale skin but some time she got tanned for a change..but i think her real complexion is pale....i like her complexion

What is the red fox's behavior?

the red foxes behavior is very bad it will bite you if you go near them they will eat you up and rip you up into small bits so you better not have a red fox as a pet. And anyway who asked this stupid question because who ever asked this question must be very stupid .Who will not know what a red foxe (MORE)

What is an Arctic fox's diet?

The arctic fox will generally eat any meat it can find, including lemmings lemmings, goose eggs, and mice The arctic fox mainly eats lemmings but in the winter they will scavange lefover kills or even eat plants if it has to McDonalds big macs with fries, joking! They eat lemmings (small mouse), har (MORE)

What is Terry Fox's famous quotes?

These are some Terry Fox's quotes: "I don't feel that this is unfair. That's the thing about cancer. I'm not the only one, it happens all the time to people. I'm not special. This just intensifies what I did. It gives it more meaning. It'll inspire more people. I just wish people would realize th (MORE)

What are a kit fox's prey?

Kit foxes prey on kangaroo rats, mice, black-tailed hares, desert cottontails, ground squirrels, insects, carrion, reptiles, and ground-nesting birds

What is a desert fox's food?

Desert foxes eat a bunch of things including berries,rodents,bugs,and small animals.If you own a desert fox and want to know what to feed it well don't worry.These type of foxes eat almost anything!

What is red fox's appearance?

Red foxes are the size of medium dogs, have large, pointed ears, long snouts and busy tails. They are reddish-brown in colour and usually have amber or brown eyes. They usually have a white belly, tail tip and snout.

What are the red fox's adaptation skills?

it is one of the fastest animals in the prairie. The red fox havesharp claws that dig their dens and or help to dig into the groundto bury their food.. Their long legs are good for running quicklywhile chasing prey. They have a very good sense of hearing, smell,and sight, which warns them if danger (MORE)

How do black fox's live?

The fox lives in the wild, mostly hidden, you will find them betterin america and in other cool cournties because there fur isdifferent colours and they always come ou tin night so u might seeone if you look carefully

Can arctic fox's feet grow?

Yes Arctic Fox's feet can grow. Their feet glands are very small so their feet don't grow a lot, but yeah they can grow.

What is elyar fox's religion?

well im not sure but his real name is Elyar Afshari and Afshari isa Muslim name i did some research and found out it is and heard itis im a muslim so i must know. Also, his father is from Azerbaijanwhich is mainly a Muslim country i think so his father must be partMuslim but his mother is English so (MORE)

Is Fox's an noun?

Yes, the word "Fox's" (upper case F) is a noun, a proper , possessive noun ; the name of a person (such as Michael J.Fox, actor) or thing (the Fox network) that indicates something inthe sentence belongs to that person or thing ( Michael J. Fox'scareer or Fox's program schedule ). The word "fox' (MORE)

Is a fox's tail useful?

Yes, very. For one, foxes have scent glands on top of their tailsnear the base which emits a fishy musk when they're frightened. Thetail will also help a fox balance, and even provide protection andwarmth for kits when the mother covers them.