When is PS3 home coming out?

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ps3 home
should be coming out late November 08/ early December 08
add swiftkill666 on ps3
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Does Home added on the PS3?

Answer . The Home program has not yet been added to the PS3 but is supposedly coming out sometime early 2008. The closed beta should be opening soon so check out the home website by googling it if you are interested in that.

Where did the PS3 come from?

the ps3 was made by sony computer entertainment, which is based in japan. so most likely made in japan and then released to the world

When did PS3 come out?

Depends on the country. For the USA it was 17 Nov 2006 It wasavailable for testers and game developers in special models asearly as 2005. See PS3 secrets in the related link.

How do you connect PS3 to home theatre?

When I purchased the Sony Home theater I was able to use HDMI cables to Plug my cable Box and PS3 into the Home theater and then plug the home theater into the Sony HDTV with a 3rd HDMI cable. Now when I turn on the PS3 the home Theater works unless I turn it off and then the sound comes from the HD (MORE)

How can you download ps3 home beta?

To download PS home from your PS3 select PS Home under the Internet tab on the XMB. PS home will then begin to download itself and update to the latest version. Each time you open home from then on it will check for updates and automatically update to the latest version.

What does the PS3 come with?

A controller, an A/V cable for standard TV, PlayStation membership, the PS3 console includes WiFi connection capability & power cord

How do you get home on your PS3?

First you press the Power button on the controller. While a game is being played, you can go to Home just by pressing the Power button once. Just one quick touch. Then it will say: Quit Game? or Continue?

Is ps3 home good?

Yes and no... it provided me with a laugh for 5 mins when i ran into the center of a hall and started randomly dancing, but otherwise it quite boring and noone on it is very friendly!

What do you do if the home menu won't come up on the ps3?

Turn the PS3 on standbye were the red light is on, then keep hold of the power button for a short amount of time until it beeps a few times, the PS3 should then go into default mode and hopefully re-appear. p.s are the scart leads in properly or is the tv on the right channel.

Does a wireless router come with a PS3?

a ps3 does not come with a wireless router . It comes with the ability to connect to a wireless router or modem or with an ethernet cable. No other kind of internet connection to the PS3 is possible. For instance you would not be able to plug something into the USB port to use for an internet con (MORE)

Will PS3 games come out for PS2?

The number of new games for the PS2 continues to decrease as the cost to make a game depends on more sales and so many games are now available for the PS2. There are over 3500 game tittles at last count and many of those titles are sold in used condition very cheaply.

When is mappack 1 coming out for ps3?

As you know the mapacks for call of duty modern warefare 2 mapacks have been released this year!! you can download the stimulas or resurgance mappacks, there all good maps, the stimulas costs 21.95 over the playstation store and same as the resurgance if you need and help add me, my online ID name i (MORE)

When is gta 5 coming out for ps3?

This information is unknown at the moment (July 2010). The best way to keep updated on new games is to join one of the many game sites and forums. If you join gamespot for example, they will email you regular newsletters.

Is cod 8 coming out on PS3?

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 release versions and dates have not been announced, but it seems safe to say that the release on all major platforms will occur unless legal or technical problems delay them.

When was the PS3 coming out?

The Sony PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system was originally released in Japan on November 11th, 2006 . It was then released in North America On November 17th, 2006, and finally in Europe in March of 2007.

Is there a AFL game coming out on ps3?

There is a rumor of an unannounced AFL 2010 for the PSP PS3 and PC game from Brisbane developer Big Ant. The Game has only been announced and no release information is available.

What all colors does the PS3 come in?

Older PS3 have came in other colors , but the PS3 slim is black. The Japan slim models have also been released in blue, white and pink. see related link

When is first strike coming to PS3?

after a month so probably at the start of March First Strike was available on 3/3/11 for the PS3 at the PlayStation store The PC game DLC is to release on 3/25/11

When is assention coming out for PS3?

It is part of the First Strike Map Pack that must be purchased from the PlayStation Store. Treyarch Financial statements indicated it would be released on March 3 2011 and the PC version later in March 2011

What do you do if your PS3 games keep on coming out of the PS3?

First let me ask you this. Are any of your disk gone missing? If so then there might be a disk jammed in there or not. There also might be something really weird and i bet you would say "How did that get in there?" But don't go GANGSTA on it, you know shove a knife in go and repair at a games store

When will halo reach come out for ps3?

You should, sadly, consider buying a Xbox 360 because Microsoft and Bungie are not planning to let Halo out for any other console other then Xbox and Xbox 360. I have a ps3 and i am a halo fan but thas why i saved up for both consoles.. sorry :(

Will bully ever come out on PS3?

Yes Bully 2 Scholarship Edition will come out February 3rd 2014 It seems like that is way beyond any actual release date and a full 5 years after the original release on non Playstation models. The correct answer is no it will not The Scholarship Edition had only japan release for the PS2 Playstati (MORE)

When does call of the dead come out for ps3?

It does not, you may only want the single Zombie Map, but it will not be released that way. Escalation comes out for the PS3 30 days after the May 3 2011 release for the Xbox 360. The earliest Escalation PS3 release time and date will be 12:01 PM PST June 2 2011 . The related link shows the Call (MORE)

When is the ps3 line coming back on?

I know you want an actual date for the answer. Only Sony will be able to say when the system is up and they have only said what is written below or available at the related links messages of May 10 and May 7 and the related question. Any other answer is not from them and is a Guess, Prank, or earlie (MORE)

When will call of the dead come out for ps3?

It will not come out because it is only Part of the Escalation Map Pack which will come out sometime after June 2 2011. If you want the Zombie map you will have to purchase the complete Escalation map pack for $15. It is not going to be sold separately

When is psn coming for PS3?

The system will "will shortly begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation®Network and Qriocity™ services, beginning with gaming, music and video services to be turned on. The company also announced both a series of immediate steps to enhance security across the network and a new cust (MORE)

When is online coming back for PS3?

The PlayStation network has been shutdown since April 20 2011 after they learned they learned of a network intrusion. Information on the actual Intrusion is limited by security considerations and criminal procedures. Latest Sony post under related link said the planned procedure to restore services (MORE)

When does from dust come out for ps3?

Dust 514 will be available on December 31 2011 and you can place a preorder at amazom.com now for $59.99 Reply to that answer; He said From Dust not Dust 514. But anyways. The game comes out somewhere in September-December. Its digital only, meaning that you can only get it off PSN

Does a new PS3 come with a controller?

Yes a PS3 comes with a single controller except for the $349.99 PS3 320 GB + Move Bundle system that has a DualShock 3 Controller and a PS3 Move Controller

When does moon come out on PS3?

Moon must be purchased as a DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops named Rezurrection at a cost of $15 Rezurrection will include a new Zombie Map called Moon and a new zombie featured in the Moon Map Phasing Zombies. It will also include the 4 WAW Zombie Maps Nacht der Untoten, Verrückt, Shi No Numa, & (MORE)

What comes witha PS3 160?

It comes with a Controller charging cable Playstation Network membership PS3 Console and Power Cord currently USA Priced at $249.99 for 299.99 you get a Infamous 2 game and 320 GB harddrive

Is diablo 3 coming to PS3?

No, Diablo 3 will be PC/Mac only. Later events on February 20 2013 have indicated that Blizzard Entertainment is working on a PS3 and PS4 version of the game see related press release under the related links As of today it was officially announced by IGN that Diablo 3 will be coming to the PS3 (MORE)

Does the ps3 monitor come with the ps3?

No it does not. There is a PS3 monitor that is 3D and called the PlayStation 3D display and sells for $500 without the PS3. It connects to your PS3 system, cable TV box, and PC for all your HD 3D content. It was discontinued and is not available except from many online amazon venders and now under $ (MORE)

Why did PS3 come out?

Why? Well, essentially, Sony wanted to compete with Microsoft. Video Games are big business, and Sony wanted to make money on selling the consoles. Spec wise, the Ps3 has six cpu cores, which is very powerful. It also has a very good video card, but little Video RAM. The Xbox 360, meanwhile, has (MORE)

When does overwatch come out for ps3?

The release for the PS3 is still not known although 30 days after the February 21 2012 release would make it March 22 2012 for elite subscribers and April 20 2012 for map pack "Content Collection #1" for non elite subscribers

Can you sell games that come with a PS3?

Most PS3's do not come with games when sold new, but sometimes they are included in a bundle. If they are on a Game Disc you can trade them in or sell them even if they are new in the package. Let's say you purchased a download at the Playstation Store for a game. It is possible to also download it (MORE)