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lunch can be a large meal in Italy about 1pm, but dinner can be be large too around 8pm. My sister who lives in Italy would say the evening meal.
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What meals do Italians eat?

Typically most Italian's still eat this way : small breakfast if any or just coffee, large meal at 1pm , then dinner at about 8pm.

When do Italians eat their main meal?

Italians eat their main meal over the lunch hour. Their breakfast and their dinner tend to be smaller than the equivalents in the United States of America. Oftentimes, familie

When do Italians eat there their main meal?

Italian, just like most Europeans, usually eat their largest meal at noon, though in some areas this is changing to the evening meal.

Is lasagna an Italian meal?

Yes Lasagna (or lasagne) is definitely an Italian meal depending on what part of Italy the recipe originates it consists of alternate layers of pasta, cheese, a sauce, and oth

What time are Italian meal times?

Italians usually have breakfast as soon as they wake up, lunch at 1o'clock and dinner at 8 o' clock in the evening. people also have snacks in between.

What is 'a meal' when translated from English to Italian?

Un pasto is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "a meal." The masculine singular cardinal number/indefinite article and noun also translate into English as "one meal."

What are easy italian meals to make?

Pasta-based meals - though actually making your own pasta requires a certain amount of skill and/or the right tools; pasta chefs are their own discipline. Pizza is also simple