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When is the Italian main meal?

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lunch can be a large meal in Italy about 1pm, but dinner can be be large too around 8pm. My sister who lives in Italy would say the evening meal.
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How do you say great meal in Italian?

" Buon pasto " is an Italian equivalent of "great meal." Specifically, the masculine singular adjective " buon , buono "* means "good." The masculine singular noun " pasto "

When do Italians eat their main meal?

Italians eat their main meal over the lunch hour. Their breakfast and their dinner tend to be smaller than the equivalents in the United States of America. Oftentimes, familie

What is an example of a kosher main meal?

Bread, appetizer, soup, salad, beef, chicken, veal, lamb, or fish, hot vegetable, rice, potato etc., water, soda, wine etc., dessert, fruit.

What is the grace before meals in Italian?

"Benedici Signore noi e il cibo che stiamo per prendere, fà che non manchi mai a nessuno in nessuna parte del mondo, specialmente ai bambini"    that means approximate

What is the prayer which Italians use before meals?

Benedici, o Signore, noi e questi doni che la tua bontà ci elargisce. Per Cristo nostro Signore. Amen is one Italian equivalent of a grace before meals prayer. Specifically,

What fish meals do Italians eat?

Italians eat lots of fish and seafood. infact, one of their large holidays is called "the 7 fishes" and is celebrated on Christmas eve. bronzino is a fish typical of Italian