When is the best day to have intercourse without getting pregnant?

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Usually about a week after the last period, a week before ovulation. However, be aware, there is no "best day." Depending on the longevity of the sperm and the timing of ovulation, pregnancy can occur at virtually any time.
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What are the chances of getting pregnant without intercourse and you cant remember if he came?

Answer . slim to none. a woman can only get pregnant when sperm make contact with an egg in her uterus. If he ejaculated into you, or if semen made contact with your vagin

What is the safest day to have unprotected sex without getting pregnant?

The day after your period is probably the safest day. The absolute safest days are during your period. My girl and I have a red towel set aside for those days when it's needed

What are the chances of getting pregnant without a intercourse?

The chances of getting pregnant are zero , without intercourse.. The chances depend on whether semen comes in contact with an egg as it is coming through the fallopian tube a