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When is the particle density equal to the bulk density?

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This would be true of a perfectly uniform, homgenous material. Should be determined by professioanl analyzer (such as G-DenPyc 2900) cause different materials got different characteristics.
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What is Bulk density power?

  Answer   Bulk density a property of particulate materials. It is the mass of many particles of the material divided by the volume they occupy. The volume includes

Maximum bulk density can be occur?

bulk density depend on that material from which soil formed. so maximum bulk density depend on particle density of that mineral. Therefore,we can only tapped the soil upto per

What is soil bulk density?

Soil bulk density indicate a soil's compaction characteristic. This  is calculated by dividing the dry weight of the soil by its volume.

How does tap density and bulk density differs?

Tap density (or packed density) refers to the density a volume a specific weight of powder has after it has been settled or packed until nofurther volume change is observed. 

Bulk density of coking coal?

  Bulk density of coking coal depends on many factors. But commonly it can be told as 0.8 T/Cu.M.

How do you find porosity of a soil when all you are given is the dry density and the particle density of the soil.. and can you find bulk density with just this info?

Concerning the second Question: "Can you find bulk density with just this info?" Purely on mathematical insight and analysis: Yes, you should be able to find the bulk densi

What is Bulk density?

Bulk density is defined as the weight per unit volume of material. Bulk density is primarily used for powders or pellets. The test can provide a gross measure of particle size

What is the bulk density of wheat?

  The bulk density of wheat varies depending on it's type, condition, age , etc. The short answer is about 720-780Kg/cum

How do you calculate the bulk density of pellets?

Mass divided by volume. Weigh the pellets to find the mass, then add the pellets to a measuring cylinder of water (or something of higher density than your pellets) and find t

What is the difference between bulk density and density?

It is the difference between the density of a bulk sample, and the density of a homogenous piece of the material being measured.    The difference between the density o
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Loose bulk density?

Bulk density is a major physical property in designing the logistic system for biomass handling. The size, shape, moisture content, individual particle density, and surface ch