When is ventilation needed in a drain?

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When you poop it clogs up your toilet. Venting is required on all waste, soil ,chemical and acid waste systems.. Vent is not required on storm water in most cases
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Do I need to drain old gas from a snowblower?

It is recommended to drain old gas from motorized tools if the gas in them is over 6 mo. old. The old gas may burn but not very well. . Gas older than 6 months can better be removed since it can damage your snow blower motor and pollute your carb. For more info on snow blowers you can check: http (MORE)

I need to drain the engine coolant from the engine block on a Geo Metro. Where is the engine drain plug or engine drain cock located?

The engine does not have a coolant drain plug. To drain the block you need to remove the very bottom hose on the motor and let it drain that way, to get all the water out of the block start the motor and let it run for 10 to 30 seconds. DO NOT let the motor run for any length of time without coolant (MORE)

Why do you need roof ventilation?

Condensation forms in roof spaces and can be severe. Water droplets can drip ontoinsulation material or the ceiling of the room below. If there are timber roof trusses (beams) then severe condensation will cause rotting of timber which could lead to wet rot or even worse dry rot. Good ventilation wi (MORE)

How Long needed for a Marine Ventilation Blower Operations?

4 minutes before starting engine, and anytime your idling or driving at low speeds. It also says you should not run blower during refueling, but for 4 minutes after your done "before starting engine". This prevents blower from drawing gas fumes into the engine compartment.

What is a ventilator?

In general, anything that circulates fresh air and removes stale air. In its simplest form, a fan. In medical terminology, it is a device that assists a patient's breathing.

Do you need Drain salt water pool?

Periodically, in most parts of the country, this is a good thing from time to time... Typically every 3 swim seasons or so is a decent gauge, however, use more precise variables to confirm such as TDS or the calcium count in the water. Ideally, TDS should not exceed 1500 PPM. Calcium hardness (MORE)

Do speakers need ventilation?

Not ventilation per say. but it needs an opening for the simple fact when it moves back and forth the same air transfers is coupled to the back too. without it it may resonate as some frequency by back pressure.

Do you need a drain line on a hvac drain pan?

You should install a drain to prevent stagnant water from accumulating and hopefully prevent bacteria such as legionnaire or other water borne diseases and most importantly this drain should empty as an indirect waste as per modern codes

What is ventillation?

first of all, its ventilation and it means breathing. but don't get mixed up with respiration and breathing they are different!

Do you need to drain the milky oil out?

The milky residue you see on the oil cap is a common symptom of a bad PVC system. PCV Basics . PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. . All car engines have a PCV valve and it is located on top of the motor's valve cover. There is a vacuum line attached to it. It pulls out of the valve (MORE)

How many air cycles needed for the air compressor room ventilation?

I think it will be suitable if it was in the range of 15-20 Air changes per hour But it depends on two important factors the temperature difference also the thing is the type of cooler also the compressor will be supplied with aftercooler or not to satisfy the design requirements

Why need drainage cover in roof drain?

To prevent dead birds, leaves or other objects from entering the storm leader and causing a blockage and risking the building to collapse from the weight of water accumulation. Also a dome type cover is the best choice as the beehive type even with debris around the base will still allow drainag (MORE)

Do you need a floor drain?

Depends on the local codes and the job requirements and location as a floor drain trap must always have its seal

What size went is needed on the toilet drain?

2" VENT. Many codes say the vent can be 1/2 the size of the pipe being served but in no case less then 11/2" and considering a lead bend (toilet drain) can be 3" and the new fixtures have 1.6 GPF in lieu of the 3.5 GPF a 11/2 vent pipe is fine

Why do you need ventilations in a workshop?

These are very important because without these, working will inhale different things that can be harmful or cause illnesses. Such things as dust, paints, and asbestos, smoke and in some cases just for air. hope this was helpful

Why do multi-cellular organisms need a ventilation system?

A ventilation system is needed in order to obtain oxygen for living organisms and to get rid of carbon dioxide. Surface diffusion utilized by many smaller organisms is not sufficient in supplying the oxygen needs of the body. It is also needed to maintain a concentration gradient in the alveoli.

Why do you need a ventilation system?

Ventilation provides a way for stale or contaminated air to leave a relatively enclosed space and for fresh, clean air to enter. If you are doing something that releases hazardous materials into the air, ventilation is one way to clean them out and prevent their hurting people. Even if hazardous m (MORE)

How far from a drain do you need a vent?

2 feet < NOT exactly Depends on the codes and type of "drain" For example a trap can be located 2 feet from a vented line and the fixture located 2 feet from the trap A floor drain in some codes can be located up to 15 Feet from a vent, then you have indirect drain lines such as an ice m (MORE)

Why does an abscess need draining?

An infected skin nodule that contains pus may need to be drained via a cut if it does not respond to antibiotics. This allows the pus to escape, and the infection to heal.

Why does an abscess need to be drained?

Because the lining of the abscess cavity tends to interfere with the amount of the drug that can penetrate the source of infection from the blood, the cavity itself may require draining

Why do you need to sleep in a well ventilated room?

- Sleeping in a well-ventilated room and in an isolated room may affect one's respiration. Poor air circulation may give difficulty in breathing process while having proper air ventilation may give proper inhalation and expiration.

Why would someone need a drain camera?

Someone may need a drain camera if they have lost something of value down a drain, for example a ring. Another reason a drain camera may be required if there is a plug in the drain sewer that one cannot break, and it will allow them to see where the problem is in the drain.

Need a UPC for a Tube-Drain Part?

The UPC should be attached to the product through the retailer. Ifyou need a UPC code check the product or contact the retailer whereit was purchased.

Why do you need ventilation on a plane?

Ventilation is important on a plane to compensate for air pressure as the plane is in a high altitudes and also to maintain suitable temperature and oxygen levels,

Does a kitchen sink drain need a trap?

Its good practice to fit a "U" trap under a sink unit or a "bottletrap". The latter is quick to install but can take up more roomthat a small "U" trap. However, a "bottle trap" is more accessibleif there are clogs as the base unscrews quicky without effectingthe pipe work.

Why do humans need a ventilation system?

Humans, along with all animals, need fresh air to breath. If ahuman were to be placed in a room that was not ventilated,eventually all the oxygen in the room would be used up and theperson would die. We therefore need to ensure that there is aventilation system in all our structures.