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The season winter in Australia falls during the months of June, July, and August.
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When is the first day of winter in Australia?

Winter in Australia begins on June 1st. The winter months are June, July and August. Unlike countries in the northern hemisphere, winter does not begin at the time of the wi

When does winter start in Perth Australia?

The official start of winter everywhere in Australia is the first day of June.

When it is summer in Australia is it winter in the US?

Yes. Australia's summer occurs during December, January and February, which is winter in the US. When the North Pole is tilted toward the sun, the sun's rays fall more direct

When it's winter in France what is it in Australia?

When it is winter in France, it is summer in Australia.

Does Australia get snow in winter?

Yes, but snow in Australia falls in limited areas compared to the entire area of the continent. Winter time sees excellent snowfalls for skiing in the Snowy Mountains region

Why Australia has winters in July?

Because in the southern Hemisphere the seasons are flip flopped our summer is their winter. Our spring is their fall and vice versa. It has to do with the way the sun hits the

What are the winter months in Australia?

June, July and August are the winter months in Australia. In the  tropical far north, there is no clear "winter season" - just a  'wet' and 'dry' season. The winter months a

Winter in Australia?

Australia's seasons are opposite to that of USA. Winter is from June - August. Summer: December - February Autumn: March - May Winter: June - August Spring: September - Novemb

Does Australia have winter?

Yes. Australia's winter begins on 1 June and ends on 31 August. The far tropical north of Australia does not experience a winter, and only has a wet season and dry season.

When is it winter in Australia?

Australia's winter begins on June 1 and continues for the months of June, July and August. In the far tropical north of Australia, winter is less easily defined. There tends t

How many degrees in Australia when winter?

It can get pretty cold in Australia. In every state the degree can change, but usually it is anywhere, on average, between 0 and 20.