When light and ventilation are needed for attic space a what is framed into the roof?

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Depends how much weed your growing.
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Why do you need roof ventilation?

Condensation forms in roof spaces and can be severe. Water droplets can drip ontoinsulation material or the ceiling of the room below. If there are timber roof trusses (beams)

Is the space under the mansard roof an attic or another story?

All the neo-mansard styles( 1960-1970) I have seen had a second story inside the roof . Victorian era (second empire) houses may be different; I have never been inside one. Ho

How to fix a roof that has mold in the attic?

Answer . Not sure about ridding it of the existing mold, but the conditions which caused it can usually be remedied with adequate attic ventilation. Call an experienced roo

Do you need attic chutes for your sloped ceiling if the room is an add on with no attic space the ceiling just follows the roof pitch from eave to where the addition attaches to the house?

Yes all roofs should be vented. Venting can be accomplished by installation of baffels between the top of the insulation and bottom of the roofing. You will need to install so

Why are the ventilators kept at the top of the roof?

Ventilators are provided in the rooms just below the roofs because wen the air inside the room gets hot this warm air rises up... and flow through these ventilators and thus c

Can two atrium joined by a wall much lower than the roof line for the purpose of light and ventilation in both homes be considered an easement?

Your governing documents dictate the types of modifications allowed and the process by which exterior additions can be added to individual homes. It may also define the legal

How much blow in insulation needed for 12' x 14' attic space?

It is difficult to give an answer in terms of number of inches or total volume / number of bags required. For one thing, it depends on how deep the insulation is, i.e. it tak
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Why is it important to have proper attic ventilation?

Proper attic ventilation help reduce energy bills and extends the life of the roof. Temperature can be lost through the attic if not ventilated properly. Ventilation can also
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Why is roof ventilation necessary?

Roof ventilation is necessary so that the air is in constant circulation keeping moisture levels low causing less future damage. Roof ventilation also increases energy efficie