When light and ventilation are needed for attic space a what is framed into the roof?

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If the bathroom air-heat-light vent is dripping water badly and the tube is running about 20 feet to the attic gable vent and out how can you fix the dripping without going through the roof?

Answer . Often bathroom vents will drip due to condensation in the vent pipe. As the warm, moist air from the bathroom is drawn by the fan into the pipe in the cold attic the water in the air condenses and drips back down through the vent. 20 feet is a long way for a bath fan to push the air s (MORE)

This 100 year old house has window headers spaning 9 feet made from 2x4's in an A-frame truss design carrying the roof load will these headers be ok to carry the new finished attic floor load?

Headers This question requires much more information than you have given to be properly answered. The short answer is� Not Likely. The greatest span that I could find for 2 each 2X4 header using SP is 3� 6�. The long answer is that there is a lot of information that goes into designi (MORE)

What is correct spacing for framing of studs?

It depends on if the wall is a weight barring wall. A wall with no weight barring on it can have a layout of 24" centers. The Basic Layout Is 16" on most other walls. The More Weight Barring down on a wall The Closer The Studs Will Be..

How do you build a permanent roof ladder without damaging your ridge cap ventilator?

Answer . First of all, why would you want a permanent roofing ladder?. You will need to visit a steel cutting or a fabricating shop. Get them to build you two 'C' shaped steel pieces with bends on the ends to connect to either the wood or metal ladder. On the other side attach a piece of wood (2 (MORE)

Why do you need roof ventilation?

Condensation forms in roof spaces and can be severe. Water droplets can drip ontoinsulation material or the ceiling of the room below. If there are timber roof trusses (beams) then severe condensation will cause rotting of timber which could lead to wet rot or even worse dry rot. Good ventilation wi (MORE)

How can you humanely catch raccoons sneaking into an attic roof?

Yes. There are several animal traps out there that you can lure the animal into and it is merely stuck in there. **their are many different traps available. Their are mesh cages used to catch anything from cats to raccoons. baited traps or even snares the important thing is to do your homework so (MORE)

Is the space under the mansard roof an attic or another story?

All the neo-mansard styles( 1960-1970) I have seen had a second story inside the roof . Victorian era (second empire) houses may be different; I have never been inside one. However, I believe that the definition of mansard is a raised roof with flat sides to accommodate an additional story. -Sarah (MORE)

How to fix a roof that has mold in the attic?

Answer . Not sure about ridding it of the existing mold, but the conditions which caused it can usually be remedied with adequate attic ventilation. Call an experienced roofer or contractor or have your attic ventilation system inspected.

How do you determine the amount of insulation needed for an attic?

It's actually more complicated than it seems. Here is a video explaining precisely how much insulation you need:. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0. It takes into account all of the variables (size, location, etc.). forget being technical. In most parts of usa(moderate climate) use a min (MORE)

Did Michelangelo write the poem 'A Light in the Attic'?

Sheldon Alan Silverstein wrote this poem: A LIGHT IN THE ATTIC . There's a light on in the attic. Thought the house is dark and shuttered, I can see a flickerin' flutter, And I know what it's about. There's a light on in the attic. I can see it from the outside. And I know you're (MORE)

Do speakers need ventilation?

Not ventilation per say. but it needs an opening for the simple fact when it moves back and forth the same air transfers is coupled to the back too. without it it may resonate as some frequency by back pressure.

Can roofing tiles be installed directly on roofing frames?

A common misperception among consumers is that tile roofs are only suitable for warmer climates. A recent study showed that, because of their thermal mass and the air space formed between the tiles and the roof deck, tiles can lower heat flow into an attic by up to 70 percent. Roof tiles can be made (MORE)

What is the standard spacing for roof trusses?

In England its is 'generally' 400mm (centres) but it depends on the live loads (wind) and dead loads (tiles etc. on the truss). Consult your local building regulations department or a structural engineer, architect etc.

What are the disadvantages of a space frame?

Spaceframe has excellent performance which is much better than othersteel structure. If the span is more than 30m, space frame is moreeconomical, safer , and with better seismic performance. So itbecomes widely welcomed by the clients nowadays all over theworld. The mainadvantages are as following: (MORE)

Do you need attic chutes for your sloped ceiling if the room is an add on with no attic space the ceiling just follows the roof pitch from eave to where the addition attaches to the house?

Yes all roofs should be vented. Venting can be accomplished by installation of baffels between the top of the insulation and bottom of the roofing. You will need to install soffet vents and a roof peak vent for proper venting. RE: this is a single story "lean to" style adddition onto the side of a (MORE)

In what instances would a condo assn not be responsible for attic mold because of lack of ventilation?

In every jurisdiction I am aware of, a condo association is made responsible for proper care and maintenance of all "common elements". So the first question is whether the attics are common elements (or limited common elements). If they are common elements the association is usually responsible, and (MORE)

Mold in condo attic caused by faulty ventilation association vs homeowner?

You need to consult your condominium survey and declaration. If the attic is a common element most likely this is an association issue. But if you are suffering consequential damages (i.e. the mold is now affecting your unit) you also may have a claim. That may depend on your state's laws regarding (MORE)

Why are the ventilators kept at the top of the roof?

Ventilators are provided in the rooms just below the roofs because wen the air inside the room gets hot this warm air rises up... and flow through these ventilators and thus cool air remains at bottom......so this is how ventilators make us relive in hot sumers ,i hope i made u satisfy by my answer (MORE)

Can two atrium joined by a wall much lower than the roof line for the purpose of light and ventilation in both homes be considered an easement?

Your governing documents dictate the types of modifications allowed and the process by which exterior additions can be added to individual homes. It may also define the legal status of any such additions or modifications. Lacking that, and for the purposes of title, your association's attorney ca (MORE)

Why do you need ventilations in a workshop?

These are very important because without these, working will inhale different things that can be harmful or cause illnesses. Such things as dust, paints, and asbestos, smoke and in some cases just for air. hope this was helpful

What are the advantage of a space frame?

The main advantages are as following: . The span of space frame can be very big without columns in themiddle to support the whole structure, so space frame structure issuitable for buildings covering large area. . Cost of space frame Generally speaking If span≥30m, the cost of space frame (MORE)

Why do you need a ventilation system?

Ventilation provides a way for stale or contaminated air to leave a relatively enclosed space and for fresh, clean air to enter. If you are doing something that releases hazardous materials into the air, ventilation is one way to clean them out and prevent their hurting people. Even if hazardous m (MORE)

When is ventilation needed in a drain?

When you poop it clogs up your toilet. Venting is required on all waste, soil ,chemical and acid waste systems.. Vent is not required on storm water in most cases

How do you frame a new roof to existing roof?

From a licensed Builder: Because the framing for the addition will overlay the existing truss-framed roof, you should have an engineer determine whether the trusses can support the weight of the new roof. If you get the engineer's OK for the project, your top priority is keeping your house weathe (MORE)

What is the average cost to install ventilation on your roof?

Normally it's not a very big project however it takes knowledge and experience to achieve the proper effect. It always depends on lengths and highest of roof. A walkable pitched roof I's always cheaper starting from around $150-$500 a more steep roof could start at $300-$1000 depending on amount of (MORE)

What is tubular space frame?

Space frame is a new type of roof truss load-bearing structure,and it is multiple statically indeterminate structure system. Spaceframe is a spatial structure connected by several pipe and nodeball upon some regular pattern of geometric figure. It changes theordinary frame structure of the general p (MORE)

Why do you need to sleep in a well ventilated room?

- Sleeping in a well-ventilated room and in an isolated room may affect one's respiration. Poor air circulation may give difficulty in breathing process while having proper air ventilation may give proper inhalation and expiration.

How much blow in insulation needed for 12' x 14' attic space?

It is difficult to give an answer in terms of number of inches or total volume / number of bags required. For one thing, it depends on how deep the insulation is, i.e. it takes twice as much to make it 6 inches deep as it does to make it 3 inches deep. The deeper / thicker the insulation, the more (MORE)

Why do you need attics?

Attic spaces are a thing of the past in most new construction these days. They use all of the available space for living space. Attics were widely accepted as storage space in homes for a couple of hundred years.

Why is it important to have proper attic ventilation?

Proper attic ventilation help reduce energy bills and extends the life of the roof. Temperature can be lost through the attic if not ventilated properly. Ventilation can also help keep homes safe and free from any structural damages.

Why is roof ventilation necessary?

Roof ventilation is necessary so that the air is in constant circulation keeping moisture levels low causing less future damage. Roof ventilation also increases energy efficiency in warmer climates.

Why do you need ventilation on a plane?

Ventilation is important on a plane to compensate for air pressure as the plane is in a high altitudes and also to maintain suitable temperature and oxygen levels,