When the Japanese invaded Korea what did Korea do?

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when they invaded korea. korean go to china and russia and US. and they make goverment names(sangha imsi goverment). and also we attend japen. example, when japen kings birthday party. one man name weun bong gil, he throuh bomb to japens high people. and he killed 3 people and hert 4 people. when that day, the newspaper of china say "the milion of china people can't do that thing. but one korea man do it!"
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Why did North Korea invade South Korea?

Hoping to unify the Koreas under a single Communist government, the North launched a surprise invasion of South Korea on June 25, 1950. In the following days, the UN Security Council condemned the attack and demanded an immediate withdrawal. Because Kim Il Sung hoped to join the two Koreas into on (MORE)

What made North Korea invade South Korea?

Answer . \nHoping to unify the Koreas under a single Communist government, the North launched a surprise invasion of South Korea on June 25, 1950. In the following days, the UN Security Council condemned the attack and demanded an immediate withdrawal.

Why did North Korea unjustifiably invade South Korea?

After WWII, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel into two hostile parts. The North part was backed by the Solviet Union and the South was backed by the United States. Shortly after this division, the North attacked the South with the goal of unifying all of Korea under communist rule. President Tr (MORE)

How did north Korea invade south Korea?

It was not that hard to do- there is not much distance between them. It was hard to get them out because the Chinese helped them maintain their position.

Why did Stalin invade Korea?

To start off, Stalin didn't exactly invade North Korea. The USSR's role during the Korean War was more supportive (although quite a few Russian pilots and artillery men were sent to Korea). Russia has had an interest in the Korean peninsula for quite a while. During the imperial times, the Tsar (MORE)

Why did North Korea invade sounth Korea?

While South Korea was a democratic country, counter strike was a communist country, so North Korea wanted both countries to be Communist countries, but with the help of the counter strike, they only got seperated,

Where is Korea?

Korea is located between china and japan Korea is geographically, in the East Asian region and is borderedat the North by Manchuria (Northeastern part of the People'sRepublic of China). To the east is the State of Japan.

Why did Japan invaded Korea?

The Japanese wanted more land and materials, so they invaded Korea to gain all the things they wanted. Japanese people did whatever they wanted to do in Korea, they killed, tortured, rape people and damaged things. The Koreans were also told to learn the Japanese languages and they're culture.

Who was the leader of South Korea when it was invaded by North Korea?

The leader of South Korea during the Korean Civil War which later resulted in US intervention was Syngman Rhee. He wanted Korea to be reunited, just as Northern leader Kim Il Sung. Rhee wasn't a strong leader and was a personal rival of Kim. He was brought to power with a US sponsored election, that (MORE)

What is Korea?

Korea is a region in East Asia (between China and Japan) that has around 5000 years of recorded history. It's currently divided into North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is one of the most secluded and corrupt states in the world whereas South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced na (MORE)

Did South Korea invade North Korea?

No. Definitely not. It was North Korea who invaded South Korea onJune 25, 1950. Unfortunately, North Korean propaganda continues to put forward theridiculous message that they were attacked by South Korea andtortures and/or kills those in its borders who say otherwise.

What the Korea?

Korea is the peninsula to the North-East of China, which harbors the countries of North and South Korea

Why did the Japanese take over Korea?

Japanese took over Korea because Japan is an island and they have risk of being drawn and they also have many natural disasters, while Korea is a land with three sides next to ocean, and one connected to large country China. Natural disasters didn't happen often and Korea had good environmental cond (MORE)

Did South Korea invaded North Korea?

no, about that question, there was war that cause by N. Korea, but not by South. South Korea wanting to get more peace between north and South Korea.

What began when North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950?

when the North Koreans invaded the South Korea. Most of the South Koreans were killed, tortured, jailed. But help of many other countries like US, Philippines, Japan, United Kingdom,and other African countries, South Koreans were saved. General Douglas MacArthur planned "Incheon landing plan" or kno (MORE)

Why did North Korea think they could invade South Korea?

during that time south was poor even then right now north Korea. and they were alliance with china. so they think they can take whole Korean peninsula to make communist. but UN army and US army block them not to make coummunist. South Korea was sort of last defense line to block whole Asia turn in (MORE)

Japanese imperialism in Korea?

Japan gained military, political, and economic strength. It then sought to eliminate the extraterritorial rights of foreigners.

How did the us respond when South Korea was invaded by North Korea?

in 1950 6/25 north Korea invaded south Korea. south koreas army was good. but not enough for the north. actually south Korea could have responded and won in the first battle but this day was a holiday for south. the north were ready for fighting with the help of ussr. the south was not ready. and si (MORE)

What country was invaded by North Korea in 1950?

On 27th June,1950 North Korean forces aided by China and SovietUnion invaded South Korea. United Nations security councilconsidered it an act of war and subsequently a US led force of UNOengaged North Korea which is known as the Korean war.

When North Korea invaded South Korea who supplied the tanks?

The USSR supplied T-34 medium tanks. The US countered with their own. Left over WWII Japanese Type 95 light & Type 97 medium tanks were also utilized by either force, depending upon which nation they were abandoned in (North or South). In 1950, when the war began, the Communist Chinese were also rel (MORE)

Why did South Korea invade North Korea?

South Korea did not invade North Korea. North Korea invaded South Korea. The reason why North Korea invaded South Korea is because they both had different opinions. North Korea thinks that being a democratic country is fair however South Korea thinks that republic is more equal. Both presidents disa (MORE)

Why did the Russians invade North Korea?

Um under the subject of the Korean war, Kim Ill Sun who fled to Russia because of resisting the Japanese and had a bounty on his head. After WW2 he came back to spread Marxist, obviously with the help of Communist Russia. The Soviet Union and the Allied forces split it at the 38th parallel.

What would happen if South Korea invaded North Korea?

First, South Korea alone will not be able to win the war by themselves against the North. There were actually a plan ,or a senario, made by the USA, Bush Govt. First, South Korea will bomb the North and try to engage in a war state with the North Korea. By the time when the nuclear or whatever mis (MORE)

When was South Korea invaded by North Korea?

I'm South Korean :). Just to let you know, im not going to state my opinions about North Korea. First, South Korea wasn't invaded by North Korea. It was just one Korea and they weren't divided yet. Before splitting, the Koreans were controlled by the Japanese. After winning the war with the Japanes (MORE)

Why did the Japanese occupation of Korea happen?

Korea wanted all of Japan's animes? ----> Wrong information Korean government accepted the annexation between Korea and Japan for mutual benefit, not by invading or occupying by Japan. Those of facts such as Invading or Occupying are decided by War. There were national wars bet (MORE)

Korea is liberated from Japanese rule?

Korea is liberated from Japanese rule. Korea has beem separated into two countries, the Soviet-backed Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the pro-American Republic of Korea.

Will North Korea re-invade South Korea?

It is impossible to predict the future, but such an act would not be desirable on North Korea's part. North Korea is vastly outmatched on both military size and training. However, Kim Jong Il is known for making illogical decisions, so such an outcome is not impossible

How about you in Korea?

I am Korean but I confuse about my feeling, too. However, first of all, North and south should be unify. There are many families who cannot meet each other, people who escape from North Korea is increasing, etc. South Korea's economy will drop immediately after unifying, but it can be solve after th (MORE)

Who did north Korea get permission from to invade south Korea?

The Soviet Union organized, and equipped the North Korean Army. North Korea wanted Communism but South Korea did not. So North Korea invaded South Korea as an attempt to make it communism. Nobody gave them permission. It was North Koreas decision, which was supported by the Soviet Union

What happened after china invaded Korea?

Sino-Corean War [Goguryeo-Sui War] (598-614) -The Sui dynasty of China invaded the Korean kingdom Goguryeo with a supposed force of over a million soldiers. This resulted in a tremendous Goguryeo victory and the destruction of the Chinese Sui dynasty.

Why did america invade north Korea?

The United States never invaded North Korea, past or present.During the Korean war (1950 - 1953) UN forces pushed North Koreanforces up to the Yalu River which bordered China.

South Korea invaded North Korea to try to reunite the country?

South Korea did not initiate an invasion of North Korea. The Korean War was initially started by the invasion of an ill-prepared South Korea by the (North) Korean People's Army on June 25th, 1950. This was because North Korean leader Kim Il Sung wanted to unite the two factions of Korea that had bee (MORE)

Why did the Chinese invade Korea?

Technically they reinforced the north koreans, not invaded. They did this because they were fearful of a united korea allied with the united states. They(rightfully) saw this as a threat to their security, because the Koreans would have hosted American military bases right on their border with Chin (MORE)

What can you do in Korea?

Things to visit and do in south korea 1. Go to the supermarkets and shopping malls - You can buy clothes and food 2. Go to the zoo - You can see animals 3. Go to the ancient houses - You can learn about ancient korean history

What did South Korea do after North Korea invaded?

South Korea was caught extremely off-guard when the North Koreans invaded and petitioned the United Nations for assistance. The UN forces finally arrived, but by that point, the South Korean government controlled less than 10% of what is South Korea today (around the city of Busan).

What will happen if North Korea invades the south?

Unlike the last incident whereupon S. Korea didn't respond, the new S. Korean President has given her military authority to respond to any N. Korean action. The U.S. is also moving a show of force into the area to back up S. Korea. If they attack it won't turn out well for the North.