When the cashitems is coming back on meez?

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What is a meez?

Meez is a super cool digital avatar website where you just fill ininfo about you and you personalize your profile, dress up, spend"coinz", and add people as friends!

What is meeze?

Meez* is a site MOSTLY for Tweens and Teens. It includes Forums, Games, and a creatable Character.

How do you get your password back if you have been hacked on Meez?

You need to change your password right away. It would be good to mix numbers and letters, capitals and small letters to make it more difficult for others to hack your account.

How do you get a meez?

go on meez.com you click on where it says hey log-in in pink then it says register and password reminder on the two boxes that says user-name and password then click register

If you get hacked on meez how do you get your meez back?

The only way you can get it back is from knowing the password of your meez and change your email and password (note the hacker might be smart enough and already change the pas
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Do you have a meez i can have?

i have a meez u can have but it is a boy and u could just make ur own his name is lukas_495 so just e-mail me @ DinDin495@yahoo.com ur welcome :D
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How To Meez Get What if your Deleted Account Back?

You cant and i cant either :( Actually, this is not true, I have had a meez account of mine get hacked in the past, and the person who did it Deleted my account, however, if
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How do you get your meez deactivated account back?

Try and log in again, and at the top it should say you have deactivated this account contact roscoe to reactivate it, so just fill out a inquiry and hopefully they reactivate
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How do you get a hacked meez account back?

ok if ya want it back you have to go the the meez login webpage and go to forget you username or password?Ok after youve done that its going to say type in your email do tht t