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When they take your blood during your first appointment and after a pap smear to confirm the pregnancy is there a certain point they would test for STI's in your blood?

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The blood tests and the smear will both show STIs and if you weren't told this when they were done you should find another health care provider as as far as I am aware doing these tests without informed consent constitutes assault.
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Can a pap smear determine pregnancy?

  Answer   aqNo, a pap smear is used to determine cancerous cells and other abnormalities in the soft tissue. To determine pregnancy you will need either a urine tes

Had a pap smear blood tests and urine tests and they have all come back negative for STD does that mean?

its means you do not have an STD that was tested with pap, blood or urine testing. You may have other STIs that were not tested for or for which tests aren't available. Talk w

Where would i get a blood pregnancy test?

  Many local health departments offer these. Look under the "government" section of your phone book and give them a call. If they don't do it, you would likely have to go

What does blood in a pap smear mean?

A pap smear should not be performed on a woman during her period.   If there is blood from the pap smear, it is in most cases because there has been a contact bleed from th

Does it hurt having a pap smear test if its your first time?

I will be completely honest with you, it depends upon the doctor. I have had one doctor who did it to where it was "barely" uncomfortable at all and another doctor that I flin

How long does it take a doctor to determine pregnancy with a blood test?

Depends on where you go to get your blood done if you go to the hospital maybe only a couple hours and you would find out the next day, But if it was like a family doctor mayb

Why do you take blood from the veins during blood test why not from arteries?

doctors typically draw blood from veins because veins are more superficial (ie close to the surface of the skin) and therefore more easily accessible. additionally, arteries a