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When to harvest collard greens?

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I was always taught since a young child (i'm 52 now) that collards should not be harvested until after the first frost
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Can deer eat collard greens?

Yes. They will eat Collards which are in the brassica family that includes plants like turnips, kale, mustard, rape, etc... They will eat them more readily after a frost. I pl

How do you cook tender collard greens?

Keep them barely covered with water and simmer the collard greens until they are as tender as you wish. or you could steam them or poach them in butter or bacon fat. (poachin

How do you can collards greens?

  I find freezing is best. blanch the cleaned stem free collards 3 min. in boiling water and put them directly to a ice bath (to stop cooking process) Pack them into ser

How do you fix salty collard greens?

throw a potato in it .. it should absorb all the excess salt.. remove it after you've simmered it for 30 minutes..

What are collard greens?

Answer . Collard greens are a variety of cabbage that doesn't form a head, but grows instead in a loose rosette at the top of a tall stem. It's often confused with its clos

How do you freeze collard greens?

One way to freeze collard greens is to    Wash the greens thoroughly  Remove and discard stems  Blanch the leaves in boiling water for 3-4 minutes  Use slotted spoon