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Everyone suggests when to buy a Mutual Fund or what fund to buy. But, when to sell a fund is something that we don't usually get much advice on. As a general investor, it is possible that you are unclear about when to sell your fund holdings to make the most of your investment. The purpose of this article is to shed some light in this regard…

Why taking a Selling Decision is more difficult than the Buy Decision?

Buying a fund or suggesting a buy is pretty straightforward. There is not much complication in this part but, when you must sell the fund is something is very complicated. Why?
What if you sell a fund today and after 3 months, the fund NAV goes up by 50% and you lost out on this boom because you sold it at the wrong time…

Sounds pretty feasible isn't it? This is exactly why taking a Sell Decision is more difficult than the Buy Decision.

Below are some general guidelines about when to sell your fund holdings…

1. Always keep a long term approach
Don't Sell on an Impulse
Sell only when you need the money
Always look out for external factors that might trigger an exit
Always look out for internal factors for an exit

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Can you only sell mutual funds at a cirtain time?

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