When was Atlanta founded?

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When were the Atlanta Braves founded?

Answer . They first joined the league in 1876 as the Red Stockings. The name changed to the Beaneaters amd the Doves before being called the Braves in 1912 at the suggesti

Who founded Atlanta Georgia?

James Ogletjorpe on January 2, 1788. if you go find a history book from about 30 yrs. ago there should be an answer.
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What good movie theaters can be found in Atlanta GA?

Atlanta's a big city, so there are theaters everywhere. It's probably best to just look up movie listings and find out which ones are showing the ones you want, at the times
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In what year was Spellman College in Atlanta founded?

The Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia was founded in the year 1881. This school is known as a four year liberal arts college for women and it is part of the Atlanta Universi