When was Austria annexed?

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Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938 in the Anschluss Osterreiches (the Connection of Austria). Austria did not regain full sovereignty until 1955.
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Why did Serbia object to the annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Austria 1908?

In 1878 Bosnia-Herzegovina, which had previously been part of the Ottoman Empire, became an Austrian protectorate - not an integral part of Austria-Hungary. The area was inhabited by Muslims, (Othordox) Serbs and (Roman Catholic) Croats. It was a potentially explosive mixture - and was claimed by Se (MORE)

What is an annex?

The noun 'annex' is a word for a building added on to a larger one;an auxiliary building situated near a main one; an addition that ismade to a record or other document, an appendix. The word 'annex' is also a verb, meaning to take control of acountry or region by force; to add as an extra or subor (MORE)

Why did Hitler Annex Austria?

Hitler was Austrian himself. He also wanted to create a greater German nation as the centre of a German empire. The Anschluss was the first step.

What is annexation?

To take pocession of an area of land or country, and add it to a larger area. This is usually done by force.

Why does Serbia object to the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria?

In 1878, Bosnia-Herzegovina, which had previously been part of theOttoman Empire, became an Austrian protectorate - not an integralpart of Austria-Hungary. The area was inhabited by Muslims, (Orthodox) Serbs and (RomanCatholic) Croats. It was a potentially explosive mixture - and wasclaimed by Serbi (MORE)

What is annex?

The word 'annex' functions as both a verb and a noun. . The verb 'annex' is to take control of a country orregion by force; to add as an extra or subordinate part ofsomething. . The noun 'annex' is a word for a building added on to alarger one; an auxiliary building situated near a main one; (MORE)

Annexation of Hawaii?

The overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and annexation of Hawaii represents a imperial period in American history. The loss of Queen Lili'uokalani was seen as unfair, unjust, and cruel. It expanded the border of the United States far beyond any previous expansion. The annexation of what had been an i (MORE)

The annexation of Austria?

Annexation of Austria was the merge of Austria into Nazi Germany OnMarch 12, 1938, Nazi parties from Austria and Germany werecollaboratively involved in the Annexation of Austria.

What is a annex?

The term annex refers to something that has been added on tosomething larger. It may used be used when adding onto a largebuilding or when a smaller country becomes part of a largercountry.

What was Texas Annexation?

After Texas gaining their independence from Mexico. Texas asked the US to annex them thus entering the union as a slave state.

What was the annexation of Hawaii?

McKinley ignored Cleveland's wishes of leaving Hawaii alone and decided to take it over as a new addition to America. A treaty was agreed on, but never signed by the Senate. The treaty was never ratified by the U.S. Senate. Instead, the Newlands Resolution by both houses of Congress annexed the Re (MORE)

How do you spell annex?

That is the correct spelling of "annex" (noun, an added structure ; verb, to attach or appropriate).

What was found in the annex?

Mep Gies (spelling?) found the diary and in it, it explained and talked about the secret annex. Mep then gave the diary to Otto, Anne's father, and then he knew about it. Then once the diary was published everyoneknew about it.

Who did Napoleon Annex?

Napoleon Bonaparte had many victories in Europe. One of the areashe annexed to the French empire was the Papal States in 1809.

How was Texas annexed?

southerners favored the annexation of Texas, but northerners objected that Texas would add another slave state to the union.

Why did Hitler annex Austria in 1938?

Austria was the German speaking remnant of the pre-WW1 Austro-Hungarian Empire. This empire was broken up into separate states in 1919 by the war's British and French victors. The Austrian remnant, constituted as an independent state by the Treaty of Versailles, almost immediately voted for union wi (MORE)

Why is the annex secret?

Because they were in hiding! Only a few people knew and if the Germans found out they were hiding there they would have to be sent to concentration camps. So it had to be secret.

Why was Austria annexed to Germany?

Prior to World War 1 The House of Hapsburg owned Austria-Hungary. They were connected to Germany too. Royal Blood extended to all three countries and England and Russia. After World War 1 Austria was no longer part of Germany. However, Austrians were essentially of Germanic origins. Adolf Hitler was (MORE)

What is the annexation club?

It was formerly another group who wanted to overthrow the Hawaiian Monarch Government of Hawaii which was the "Hawaiian League" also now known as the "Annexation Club".

When was hawwii annexed?

Not that it has anything to do with the question, but you misspelled Hawaii. Anyway, Hawaii was annexed in 1898. Hawaii was known as the Territory of Hawaii until 1959. In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States of America.

Did annexation of Austria Germany stronger?

Yes, the annexation of Austria by Germany made it stronger. It also helped Germany annex Czechoslovakia next. The annexation of Czechoslovakia made the German attack on Poland even easier.

Is annexation a verb?

Annexation as in the action "to add, attach or incorporate" is averb. Annexation as in a building added onto a larger one is a noun. A verb is a word that describes either an action (walk, run, etc),an occurrence (become, happen, etc) or state of being (stand,exist, etc).

Does the annexation of Austria mean that it's a part of Germany now?

No. Austria is a sovereign nation. during WW2 when the Nazi party annexed Austria, it became for s short time part of Germany, but after the war, all annexed nations were returned to their rightful governments, and Germany was divided into four districts among the four allied nations: Britain, Franc (MORE)

How did France and Britain react to germany annexing Austria?

Because the British esp Neville Chamberlain (British Prime Min) believed that the Treaty of Versailles treated Germany too harshly, together with France they had been leading a policy which was called appeasement . That meant that they gave in to Germany as long as their demands were reasonable. Ch (MORE)

What was the effect of Austria Hungary's annexation of bonsia and herzegovia?

Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia in 1905. This upset Serbia, who also wanted the territory. And it angered some nationalistic Serbs to the point of forming a secret organization known as the Black Hand. Seven of them went to Sarejevo on July 28, 1914, and one, Gavrilo Princip, assassinated the Archduk (MORE)

What is the noun for annex?

The word annex is both a noun (annex, annexes) and a verb (annex, annexes, annexing, annexed); for example: Noun: They built an annex to the hospital for outpatient services. Verb: We were able to annex the adjoining property for very little cost because it was abandoned by its owner.

What was the roman annexation?

The term Roman annexation refers to the annexation of territories\nto the Roman Empire as a Roman province. Sometimes newly conquered territories\nwere annexed to the empire immediately. However, often, the territories were\nturned into client states by installing a ruler who was favourable to the R (MORE)

What do you mean by annex?

Verb . Append or add as an extra or subordinate part, esp. to a document.. Noun . A building joined to or associated with a main building, providing additional space or accommodations..

What eas the reaction to the annexation of bosnia by austria-hungary?

There was a mixed reaction to the annexation of Bosnia by the Austria-Hungary Empire. Most people knew it was only a ploy to show the Germans and Ottomans that the Austrians and Hungarians were powerful as well. The communist sympathizers in the region, however, vowed to oust the invaders from Bosni (MORE)