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When was Chinese checkers invented?

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Around 1890 is an approximate date regarding the invention of Chinese checkers. The game is neither Chinese nor a form of checkers. Instead, it was invented in Germany. It is based on the game of halma, which was invented in the United States of America around 1883.
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Where can you read the rules for Chinese Checkers?

  Equipment   The Chinese Checkers board is in the shape of a six pointed star. Each point of the star is a triangle consisting of ten holes (four holes to each side)

What country did Chinese checkers originate in?

Germany is the country in which Chinese checkers originated, around 1890. Specifically, Chinese checkers is neither Chinese nor a form of checkers. The game is based on halma,

Can you tie in Chinese Checkers?

The answer is no..there can only be an agreed upon draw.. lest one person quits and forfeiting for lack of moving back and forth ad infinitum