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December 17 1760
she was born in Massachusetts in December 17, 1760 and she was the oldest of three daughters
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What contribution did Deborah Sampson make?

Deborah Sampson contributed to the American Revolutionary War by  becoming a solider. In order to accomplish this, she had to  disguise herself as a man. She ended up servin

Where did Deborah Sampson teach?

lakewood elementry at 1784

What is Deborah sampsons biggest fear?

Deborah Sampson feared that she would be identified as a woman  during the war. When she got shot in the thigh, she even took the  bullet out of her leg herself so her gende

What college did Deborah Sampson go to?

Virginia She did not attend any collage, back in late 1700s, women's were not allowed in school. Her male family members were teaching Deborah what they were learning in schoo

What problems did Deborah Sampson overcome?

She over came the fact that she was caught as a woman and not a man.

What did Deborah Sampson do to help the war?

During the american revolution deborah sampson was one of many people to gaurantee the security of the declaration of independence and was the 31st signature on the act itself
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How did they find out that Deborah Sampson was a woman?

They figured it out when A bullet wound she treated herself jn her leg didn't heal correctly and she fell sick with a high fever. They brought her to be treated in Philadelphi