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When was Diocletian canonized?

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Diocletian was a Roman emperor who persecuted Christians and not a saint.
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What is canonized?

Technically, to be canonized means to be incorporated into theCanons (laws, beliefs) of the Church. To be canonized as a saintmeans that investigations have shown that the can

What is canonicity?

  Answer   The method by which the books of the bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, were determined to be the authoritative works of God. These writings are

What is Diocletian?

Diocletian is not a what HE is a who. Diocletian was one of the Roman Emperors of the Roman Empire. He ruled around the year 300 for 20 years. He was a warrior emperor who w

What is canones?

a canoe is a type of boat but very small usually only one or two people fit in it depending on how big it is.

Who was Diocletian?

  Diocletian was Roman Emperor 284 - 305.   In the year 303 he started the empire's last, largest, and bloodiest official persecution of Christianity, which was to last

What is canonical?

If we have several web pages in our website, some time more than one page have similar content. These pages Google easily know that these pages have similar content. At this s

What is canonic?

More properly Canonical, for lack of a better word- with official approval- the canonical books of the Bible, for example.

What did diocletian did?

Diocletian instituted reforms in the Roman empire's social policy by restoring the legitimacy of Rome's emperors, he made administrative reforms by separating the civil leader

What are Diocletians reforms?

Social reform in reestablishing the importance of the imperials, tax reforms in a standardized tax system, military reforms in abolishing the field armies, political reforms i