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Microbiologist Dorothy V. McClendon was born in 1924 Minden, Louisiana. Her family moved to Michigan for her to attend Cass Technical High School, in Detroit. By the time she graduated, McClendon knew she wanted to be a scientist. In 1948, she gaduated from Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State University, in Nashville. She continued her education, back in Michigan with advanced science studies at the University of Detroit and Wayne State University; and in Indiana, at Purdue University of West Lafayette.
Careerwise, McClendon was a public school teacher in Phoenix, Arizona and Eldorado, Arkansas. She then accepted a position that required her relocation back to Michigan. For over two decades now, she has been an industrial microbiologist for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command in Warren. As research coordinator, she's concerned with the quality control of fuels and military storage materials. To that end, she currently is researching the development of a fungicide that protects storage materials without harming its human handlers.
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What did Dorothy mcclendon contribute to the world of science?

She is a microbiologist. She coordinates microbial research and is developing methods to protect military fuels fuel from getting contaminated as well as to protect military s

Who is Dorothy McClendon?

Dorothy V. McClendon [b. 1924] is known for her work as an industrial microbiologist with the U.S. Army Task Automotive Command [TACOM]. One of TACOM's research concerns is

What were Dorothy McClendon awards?

Dorothy holds the following Memberships and Awards * Michigan Society of Professional Engineers * Detroit Central Business District Association * Tennessee Agricultur