When was Germany Western Germany?

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Germany was split in to East and West at the end of the second world war 1n 1949.
What was commonly known as "East Germany" was given the title of the "Deutschen Demokratischen Republik"
and "West Germany" was given the title of the "Bundesrepublik Deutchland".
When the "Re-unification took place in 1990 the terms "East" and "West" officially became redundant.
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Where is Germany?

Germany is situated in central Europe. To the North is the Baltic Sea, the North Sea. Here is a list of these countries: To the North: Denmark To the West: France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands (formally, Holland) To the East: Poland, and the Czech Republic. To the South: Austri (MORE)

What is Germany?

Germany is a federal republic in Central Europe, east of France andwest of Poland. It was divided into West Germany and East Germany(Warsaw Pact) during the Cold War (1946-1990), after its post WorldWar II occupation. The German Empire was formed from Prussia and the former GermanicConfederation sta (MORE)

How did stalin respond to the unification of Western Germany?

The Stalin Note was a document that was given to western alliednations that stated Stalin was in favor of the reunification ofWest Germany. It further provided for individual freedoms andpromised no restraints on economic pursuits. The Western leadersdid not take this seriously based on Stalin's tra (MORE)

What is there to do in Germany?

what to do in Germany is unending. Munich historical sites. Nurenberg additional historical sites. Garmisch, just south of Munich. many quaint restaurants & hotels. No far from Garmisch is Oberammergau. German center for wood carvings and the passion play every 10 years (check your calender). If a t (MORE)

Why do Americans Call Germany Germany?

The word Germania was used by the Romans to describe the region now known as Germany. Because English contains some Latin roots, the name Germany has continued to be used.

What were some differences between eastern Germany and western Germany after world war 2?

Abreviations: WG = West Germany, EG = East Germany . political systems: the East was a one-party police state under the SED, or the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, the West was a multi-party democratic state mainly governed for the first 20 years by the CDU/CSU and then by various coalition gov (MORE)

When was Germany called Western Germany?

When there was an East Germany. East and West were commonly used terms for two separate states during the Cold War, their real titles were Federal Republic of Germany (for the west and Germany as it is now) and German Democratic Republic (for the east). In 1990 Germany was reunified after the fal (MORE)

What were the goals of Stalin and the western leaders about the future of Germany?

Stalin was a dictator and his style of economics relied on state control in order to loot as much as possible from where ever his group had might. The western leaders were aware that Germany by its nature and position in Europe was simply going to rebuild and once again assume an important role in w (MORE)

Is Germany westernized?

Germany is part of the West and is generally reckoned a West European country. Sometimes it has also been regarded as Central Europe, but it is certainly not East European, or oriental or exotic if that is what you mean.

How many people and for what reason did Eastern migrate to Western Germany?

2 million foreign workers mainly Turks and Yugoslavs lost their jobs. Schmidt introduced a three-year program to reduce umemployment but had to cut spending on social welfare. At the same time friction developed with the United States over high interest rates, which were seen to be hindering Western (MORE)

Why did Germany invade western Europe in World War 2?

Hitler had a dream that his Aryan Germans would take over all of Europe, establishing the Third Reich (Third great German empire). He also used the term "lebensraum" to describe the need for more living space for his German people. Attacking Western Europe was motivated by both of these goals.

Why did General Eisenhower stop the Allied advance into western Germany?

There were basically two reasons Eisenhower did not plunge on into Germany when his forces first reached the German border in September, 1944. One was that Eisenhower was being very cautious and conservative. He was not a brilliant battlefield general - he got and kept his job because he was an agre (MORE)

Is Germany in eastern or western Europe?

Germany is neither East nor west. Certainly on a political level it is intertwined with western Europe. However from a cultural point, Germany shares immense similarities with the westernmost Slavic nations. Some of these include the most intimate things a culture can produce such as food. Take for (MORE)

How was Germany defeated by the Western Allies and the Soviet Union?

First answer: By overextending it's resources in the SovietUnion and fighting wars on multiple fronts. Napoleon suffered asimilar defeat when he attempted to invade Russia. . Second improved answer: The above is correct, however of greaterimportance was Hitler's failure to prepare Germany for a lon (MORE)

Why was Germany important to western allies?

They really weren't much of an western ally as much as they didn't like Russia. The main reasons were the fact that it was a strong central European country that had multiple alliances with small surrounding satellites.

What do you do in Germany?

I just eat bread and cheese and ride my bike smelling cowcrap along the way to the next town. Then I come home to my German Shepherd and play PS3 online. Pretty charming, yet boring life. :)

What type of government did western Germany have after World War 2?

After the war, who controlled West Germany?- Soviet Union . Who controlled East Germany?- US, UK, and France. What type of government did Soviet Union had at that time?-Communist. So what type of government did West Germany have?- Communist. Occurs, communist. Great Job! ____ Right idea, but (MORE)

Why is Germany named Germany?

Germany is named after the Germanic tribes that settled in the area. The Romans referred to these tribes as the Germanic people..

What is Germany about?

Germany is an awesome country! You might want to vist it one day. I definitely would want to visit Germany. It's has a great culture and really really pretty people!

Is Germany and Italy found in western Europe?

Both are regarded as part of western Europe. Geographically Germany is in central Europe and Italy in southern Europe. Both are regarded as part of western Europe. Geographically Germany is in central Europe and Italy in southern Europe. Both are regarded as part of western Europe. Geographically (MORE)

Is Germany located in eastern or western Europe?

It is regarded as a western European country, but geographically much of it is in central Europe. Before re-uniting you had West Germany and East Germany, and as there names suggest they were the west and eastern parts of the divided Germany and would have been in western and eastern Europe respecti (MORE)

What finally led the Western allies into battle with Germany?

War was declared by the UK and France over Hitler's invasion ofPoland on September 1, 1939. But neither country was well preparedto counter Germany. They were still unprepared when France wasinvaded in May, 1940. British troops sent to aid Belgium faredpoorly and had to be evacuated from Dunkirk.

How many casualties did Germany have in its invasion of the western half of Poland in 1939?

Germany's invasion of Poland is often thought of as a sweepingmilitary victory. While the Germans did win, it was not perfect.While the Germans had far less casualties than the Polish, theystill lost many men. Around 16,000 Germans died, while another30,000 were wounded. Compared to the modern confl (MORE)

Why did western allies want to rebuild Germany?

For two reasons: they had seen that keeping Germany poor anddisorganized (as after the end of WW 1) only led to generalresentment, to the rise of parties like the Nazi party and to aresumption of that earlier war. Secondly, the Allies quicklyrealized that they would need Germany as a first line of d (MORE)

What are the reasons that Eastern Germany has a poorer economy tha western Germany?

The Primary reason was that East Germany was controlled by acommunist government in Germany and by the Soviet Union, whereasWest Germany had a democratically elected government that allowed afree market economy that traded with the rest of western Europe andwas protected by the NATO military allianc (MORE)