When was Jesus' real birthday?

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This is still a matter of speculation, even among biblical scholars.

Although, almost all scholars agree that King Herod I died in 4 BC, therefore, Jesus would have to have been born in 7-4 BC. It stated that April 17, 6 BC (17/4/747 Roman Calendar [AUC]) was the actual date that Jesus was born. This date had already been reported by CNN and History Channel for the last 4 years. 7 years ago (2001), the BBC and Discovery Channel reported that April 17, 6 BC was Jesus' actual Birthday. If this is correct, Jesus' horoscope sign would be Aries the Ram, rams are male sheep, baby sheep are lambs, and Jesus is considered the "Lamb of God". A messiah born under the sign of Aries would therefore satisfy and foreshadow much symbolism! There is documentation (Dead Sea Scrolls) that the Jews at the time of Jesus practiced astrology - learned during their captivity in Babylon.

The Roman calendar that is in use worldwide today was also in use at the time of Y'shua ben Yosef's (Jesus son of Joseph's) birth. The Romans would have written the date as 17/4/747 AUC (ab urbe condita [since the founding of Roma]). Is there a special significance to that numerical alignment? Yes... "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the god, and the Word was God." - John 1:1


This great 'mystery' is most important! The Hebrew and Greek Bible (and Arabic Qur'an) was written using gematria: the practice of assigning a number to a letter, word, or phrase and that number having symbolic meaning and 'connect'. Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic are alphanumeric languages. Since the advent and spread of our current worldwide numerical system, man doesn't make the connection of letters as numbers like we used to. English didn't require the overt connection to mathematics, but the numbers are in the letters nonetheless: a=1,b=2...z=26.
The strongest example of Simple(74) English(74) Gematria(74) is GOD=7_4. G is the 7th letter, a circle that is either the 15th letter or zerO, and D the 4th letter. 7/4=July 4 and 17/4/747 AUC is Jesus' Birthday, 4/17/6 BC and July 4, 1776. Coincidence or proof of a 'Grand Architect of this Universe' and a Masonic code?
Note: GOD=7_4, connect74, Jesus74/Y'shua74/Joshua74/Iesvs74, religion74, Jewish74, Messiah74, donkey74/burro74, Cross74, Gospel74, preacher74, parable74, a number74, Masonic74, London74, Roma47, time47, John47, etc.
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When is Jesus Mari Lazkano birthday?

Definitive answer. I am Jesus Mari Lazkano, and my birthday date is on 10th of Januari 1960, some time too young and other time too old....Acept presents, ja, ja,

When is Jesus' birthday?

The actual date of Jesus' birth is not known, but his birthday has become the celebration of Christmas every year, on a date (December 25) unrelated to his actual date of birth. Historians have tried to use the information in the stories of Jesus's birth to determine the approximate time of year He (MORE)

What supper is associated with Jesus' birthday?

It isn't a supper exactly: it is a holiday - Christmas though technically speaking this isn't correct. The Bible says that sheep were in the fields which would have been spring, summer, or early autumn.. But Christmas is the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.. Possibly you are thin (MORE)

What are the 'Real Real Jesus is Real to You' lyrics?

The most likely song is "Jesus is Real", by John P. Kee. According to LyricsZZ, it goes: Verse 1: Jesus is real, I know the Lord is real to me. Jesus is real, I know the Lord is real to me. (Sometimes when I'm feeling low,) (no where to go,) (Jesus comes along) (and He makes me stron (MORE)

What was Jesus' birthday in his time?

September the 29th same as now. Unknown, but he was born sometime in the spring. Another Answer : Enough biblical study has gone into this subject as the Scripture does not say specifically the day, month, or year. From the clues of John the Baptist who many say was born in the Spring of 5 B (MORE)

How do I say Happy birthday Jesus?

Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. If you want the answer in Hebrew text, go to the following link: http://translation.babylon.com/hebrew/ יום הולדת שמח ישו

When is Jesus Christ birthday?

um December 25 Christmas? Answer: No one knows the exact date of Jesus birth as it is not stated in scripture. Many speculate He was born during the harvest time (fall) late September or early October. The early christian church combined the winter pagan solstice which was celebrated on Dec. 25, a (MORE)

Who were Jesus' realatives?

James was his brother. Mary was his mother you probably know that of course. Joseph was his father you probably know that too. And that is all I really know okay God Bless You. Mark 6:3 (King James Version) Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda (MORE)

What is the real birthday of Jesus?

According to the Jewish Civil Calendar, Jesus was born in August/September. According to the Jewish Ecclesiastical Calendar, Jesus was born in March. For a detailed breakdown of how these months were determined, please visit the link below.

What was the exact birthday of Jesus?

i am 10000000000000000000000000000000000 percent sure that Jesus's birthday is on December 25 a.d. 1 ... unless the question refers to his Paradise birthday, prior to his mortal birth as Jesus. That birthday would be over 400,000,000,000 years ago* and for this date no human calendar existed (MORE)

How to celebrate Jesus' birthday?

Ways to Celebrate Jesus' Birthday Have Birthday Cake - Bake or buy a cake for Jesus. Place one large candle in the middle to signify unity and love. Sing Happy Birthday - Gather family and friends around to light the candle and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus all together. Take time to remember (MORE)

When is jesus real birthday?

During the time of Jesus, birthdays were not customarily celebrate but rather deaths remembered. The Early Church continued this custom and it was not until the 3rd-4th Century AD that the RC Church developed the date of His birth. Scripture does not state emphatically but hints to late Autumn 5-4 (MORE)

Date of Jesus Christ birthday?

It was certainly not December 25 as this was given to the Christians because it coincided with a Roman holiday. June 6 is said to be the date of Christ birth though many will dispute this . . I'm a Christian for over 50 years and I don't belive that is ture, because the scripts state that Jesus was (MORE)

The birthday of Jesus of Nazareth?

Biblical historians think that Christ's real birth occurredsometime in the late spring or early summer, not December 25 asmost people think. The December date was a pagan holiday and wasadopted by the Roman Catholic Church as a way to unite pagan andChristian beliefs, a strict violation of scripture (MORE)

What was Jesus Christ's true birthday?

Jesus' "true" birthday is unknown, because it doesn't matter . If God wanted man to celebrate the birth of Christ, doesn't it make sense that He would have told us WITHOUT A DOUBT when it took place? And that He would make clear HOW He wanted it celebrated? Wouldn't the nativity story be found i (MORE)

Why is Jesus' birthday on December 25?

The historical Jesus was probably born in the fall or spring, not winter. The date of December 25 as Jesus' birthday was chosen by the Roman Catholic Church in the 4th century. The exact reason why they chose this date is still debated, but it is generally accepted that they chose it to coincide w (MORE)

Why is Jesus birthday on December 25?

Actually his birthday wasnt actually on December 25. It was actaully in July. But people celebrate it on December 25 because there was supposed to be a holiday on that day anyway so they just made it then. I hope that helped. =) as i heard from a previous priest (catholic) he converted to islam.bu (MORE)

What did Jesus get for his birthday?

gold, frankincense, and myrrh More detail: The angels announced the birth of the Christ to shepherds in the fields, who then visited the manger but the Bible doesn't indicate that they brought anything as gifts. (Luke 2:8-20) Much later, astrologers from the east brought gold, frankincense (MORE)

Is birthdays real?

Yes, birthdays are real. They are the day you are born. Therefore they are real.

What is Jesus Christ's real birthday?

No one knows for sure. The New Testament provides conflicting time frames. Jesus was born on or before 4BCE , because Herod died 4BCE. Jesus was born on or after 6CE , because Cyrenius became governor of Syria on 6CE:- Luke2:2 And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syr (MORE)

When is Jesus Christ's real birthday?

The date in December was chosen by the Catholic Church in the earlymiddle ages because instead of replacing a pagan celebration of thewinter solstice they changed the reason for the celebration to thebirth of Jesus. Historians think that his actual birthday is in thelate Spring or early summer. The (MORE)

Did Jesus celebrate His birthday?

Jesus was a Jew. According to historians, it is most likely that Jews did not celebrate their birthdays in the ancient times when Jesus lived. The idea that at 13 a boy has reached the age of having to undertake adult religious obligations was not established until Talmudic times, several hundred ye (MORE)

How can you prove that Jesus is real?

A: You can never prove that Jesus was real. There certainly was a Jesus who was worshipped by the early Christians, whether always spiritual or a real human, and whether of the first century CE or from an earlier century. The epistles of the apostle Paul and the evidence of the Book of Hebrews prov (MORE)

What are the real sayings of Jesus?

In ancient times, when writing about events of the past, it was quite normal to put into the mouths of participants the words that the author believed that the person could have said in the circumstances. Even historians did this, and it was considered unexceptionable. This is one reason we find (MORE)

Why is Jesus not real?

A: Whether or not Jesus of Nazareth was a real person is beside the point. Christians believe he was, and that he was the Son of God. Even those who do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God still believe that Jesus was a real person. Perhaps the Jesus of the gospels was a literary invention, l (MORE)

Is Christmas Jesus' real birthday?

No, Christmas is the Pagan festival whose date was borrowed by the early Christians since it was a popular date. Jesus the Christ was most likely born in April. There is not a lot of scriptural data for this, but scientists have used computers to see where the stars were in the sky back then in t (MORE)

Why is the birthday of Jesus is December 25?

Jesus wasn't actually born on December 25. Since no one knows Jesus' true birthday, December 25 was chosen to commemorate the day Jesus was born. It is not known for certain why early Christians decided to celebrate on December 25 rather than some other day.

When was Jesus Christ's birthday?

Jesus was born either before 4 BC (when Herod the Great died) or in 6 AD (when the historical Census of Quirinius was undertaken). The traditional date, 25 December 1 BC (not 1 AD, see below), is a combination between a symbolic choice (for the day of the year) and a (mis)calculation of Dionysius Ex (MORE)

Is Christmas really Jesus' birthday?

Not as far as we know, although it has at least a 1/356 chance of being accurate. Christmas is not meant to be THE birthday of Christ, but instead it is a celebration of His birth, not His birthday itself. Birthdays were not even a celebrated event until well after the death of Christ. The idea of b (MORE)

Is December 25 Jesus birthdaY?

I don't know, I heard that it was sometime in spring and was movedto the 25 for an unexplainable reason Answer 2: The exact date of Christ's birth is not known, "says theEncyclopedia of Early Christianity. Still, millions of professedChristians around the globe celebrate the birth of Jesus onDecemb (MORE)

Who was the real Jesus?

Opinion Jesus of Nazareth, also known as Christos or Yeshua. Opinion Born Dec. 25th of a virgin, performing miracles, 12 followers, crucifixion, resurrection. Story of Jesus? Yes, but it is also the story of Mithra born on Dec. 25 of a virgin mother named Anahita. Mithra had 12 followers (MORE)

Where in the bible does it speaks about Jesus birthday?

It was not a recognized or celebrated day in the time of Jesus. Yet, clues from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke indicate that the season could not have been Winter as most scholars would agree today. Many have thought that the timeframe was mid-Septeber to mid-October of the year 5-4 BC.

Where does the Bible say when Jesus' birthday was?

A: The Bible does not tell us the date of Jesus' birth. 25th December is simply the birthday of the sun god, and not necessarily the birthday of Jesus. However, Luke's Gospel provides some possible clues. Uta Ranke-Heinemann ( Putting Away Childish Things ) says that if the story of the census is (MORE)

When is Jesus birthday in Islam?

it has no date in islam when he was born it doesn't matter and again all the other messenger ,because there is no benefit to know it , but may the historical people has some interpretation .

Is Jesus real?

We could answer that question - - - with a question: -- Are YOUreal? We've never seen you, or met you. So are you real? Well of course you are - - you asked a question. The questiondidn't come from nowhere. It didn't just spontaneously pop up onour screen. It came from a thinking person. Likewise (MORE)

Was Jesus real and was Adam and Eve real?

It is easier to deal first with Adam and Eve, as they clearly were not real. Not only is there no evidence for their existence, the scientific and historical evidence we do have is contrary to their existence.. Whether Jesus was real can be broken down into two separate questions. First, did Jesus (MORE)

Why did Jesus give us a birthday?

He did not. The custom in Israel during His lifespan was not torecognize birthdays. Rather, they remembered the day of one'sdeath. It would be fair to note here that no one knows exactly when Jesuswas born. It is believed by many today, that Jesus was born circa5-4 BC, during the late summer to ear (MORE)