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When was Joan of Arc's reign?

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Joan of Arc was never a member of a monarchy so never had a reign. However, she lived from 1412 until her death on May 30, 1431.

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What did Joan of Arc's parents occupation?

Joan of Arc's parents were peasants and later described as "Simple labourers, honest in their poverty, for they were of small means." There is some historical evidence to sugg

What was Joan of Arc's sentence?

She was sentenced to death as a heretic by the British supportingbishop, Pierre Cauchon, who ordered her to be burned at the stakeas a heretic.

Where is Joan of Arc's house?

Her former home is located in Domremy, France, and is an historicalsite.

Who was Joan of Arc's king?

King Charles Vii (the seventh) of France. It is intersting to note that France had Two Queens, one a Queen Mother at the time of Joan of Arc. There WA sonly one regnant King,

Who were Joan of Arc's enemies?

Jeanne d' Arc's enemies were the enemies of France - the English. She lived in the end of the 15th century AD/ CE and she was proclaimed Saint by the Catholic church later.

Who was Joan of Arc's patron saint?

Joan of Arc named three Saints that guided her during her life: Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine.

What did they do with Joan of Arc's ashes?

After her charred body was pulled from the ashes, it was burned two  additional times. They then tossed the remaining ashes rather  unceremoniously into the Seine river- so

Who was Joan of Arc's enemy?

Her enemy was the British occupying army and their allies such asthe Burgundians.

What is in Joan of Arc's reliquary box?

What is in St. Joan of Arc's Reliquary?    According to the site below there is no reliquary box.    All of St. Joan's first class relics are now destroyed or lo

Where is Joan of Arc's burial?

There was no burial. After Joan was burned her remains were burnedagain two times. The remaining dust and fragments were then throwninto the river so that no one could recover

Why did Joan of Arc's father beat her?

I find nothing in credible biographies of Joan that alludes to her  being beaten by her father. Her parents were both devout Catholics  and I am quite sure that, while the c