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When was Joan of Arc's reign?

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Joan of Arc was never a member of a monarchy so never had a reign. However, she lived from 1412 until her death on May 30, 1431.

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What was Joan of Arc's birthday?

Joan is said to have been born on January 6, 1412.

What was Joan of Arc's political view?

Joan wanted the British out of France and the monarchy of France  restored.

What was Joan of Arc's role in society?

Joan of Arc commanded the French army, a job usually reserved for aristocratic noblemen in the Middle Ages. The fact that she was a 17 year-old peasant girl who, by her qu

What were Joan of Arc's accomplishments?

Joan helped end the hundred year war and she saved France from theEnglish. She also led the French to victory in the siege or orleansproving that joan was a good general. Arou

What was Joan of Arc's background?

St. Joan of Arc was a pious French girl who lived in the early fifteen century, she was the youngest of five children of a peasant farmer. Below is an extract from the Catholi

How did Joan of Arc's sister die?

Joan's sister (Catherine) is believed to have died in childbirth. Her death must have been after mid-1429 because there's a quote from Joan (related by an eyewitness) dated fr

What color were Joan of Arc's eyes?

  Let us be guided by high imagery, She was French, she had dark hair worn inthe rather (Knightly) Pageboy style, and she probably had Blue eyes, msot Johannic artists sho

What was Joan of Arc's relationship with God?

She felt that as long as she trusted in God, she had nothing tofear. All would turn out well in the end. She was a very devoutCatholic.

Who were Joan of Arc's enemies?

Jeanne d' Arc's enemies were the enemies of France - the English. She lived in the end of the 15th century AD/ CE and she was proclaimed Saint by the Catholic church later.

What is St. Joan of Arc's symbol?

  As she was a female knight, Joan was awarded a patent of arms- what is popularily called a crest or coat of arms. this was worn on the front of the skirt portion of her

What were Joan of Arc's grandparent's names?

The names of her grandparents are unknown.

What happened in Joan of Arc's childhood?

Joan of ark lived from 1412-1431.She was born in France in a little village called domermy.When Joan of arc was little she didn't go to school instead she helped her mum at ho

When did Joan of Arc's parents die?

It is believed her Mother, Isabelle D"arc was still alive at the time of her death (that is Joan"s death by execution in l43l) and some years after. It has been argued she had