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When was Stephen Hawking diagnosed with ALS?

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Who is Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking is brilliant man probably the smartest in theworld. He has done amazing things such as he has a Ph.D. inphysics. and Dr. Hawking has researched black holes. Hi

Why is ALS not fatal to Stephen Hawking?

God is not ready for him. He is a remarkable person because he is so brilliant. The UK government has kept him alive on machines (breathing, feeding, & speech) for decades b

Who is Stephen hawking and what did he do?

Stephen Hawking is British. and one of the world's leading physicists and cosmologists. He has made numerous important contributions to those sciences, and is a leader in the

How long has Stephen Hawking had ALS?

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS when he was 21, which was in about 1963. It is now 2012, and he is now 70. That makes him a 49 year survivor. A link can be found below

How did Stephen Hawking get to where he is?

He worked hard and didn't allow his physical problems control his life.