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When was University Days by James Thurber first written?

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How may you download the short story University Days by James Thurber?

  Try: If that doesn't work, try googling: James thurber "University days" Try the second link from the top on

What is the surprise in 'The Catbird Seat' by James Thurber?

The surprise is that Mrs. Barrows is still alive at the end of the story when everyone in the story and reading it, except for Mrs. Barrows, wants to see her wearing a wooden

Who was James Thurbers best character?

His comic dogs were sure-fire comedy characters. This was worked into the one-time Television situation comedy- My World and Welcome to it, which had a lead character in part

Unicorn in the garden by James Thurber?

Unicorn in the Garden" by James Thurber is а classic example of the existentialist philosophy of choice and subjectivity, as shown by the characterization of а husband and h

What kind of literature did James thurber write?

ironic,horror,humor,naturalistic chose one you can look it up in  your SCHOOL BOOK ....cheaters       wow this is some quite random text      
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How did James Thurber lose his eye?

On Wikipedia it says he was playing William Tell with his brother, who missed. In a collection of stories, however, the foreword says he gallantly offered to make breakfast o