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Userful was created in 1999.
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How do you create a user defined exception?

do a security bypass script...kinda like: if (User == ) { SecurityPerms(TRUE) } im not sure if those are the exact values the computer uses...but you should get the idea

When is the local user profile created?

\n. \nWhen Windows 2000/XP is first installed, or more specifically, it is after an Administrator establishes a local user account; then when the user logs on for the first time the system will establish a profile for that user.

When is local user profile created?

local user accounts apply to a single stand alone computer or a single computer on a workgroup. Answer from A+ sixth edition book of Jean Andrews.

How do you install a user-created mod for Sims 2 PC?

Place the file unzipped into Documents\EA Games\Sims 2\Downloads. If you don't have a Downloads folder here, you can create one yourself by using New Folder and making sure to name it "Downloads." Start the Sims 2 and go to the Options and choose to Enable Custom Content. You may need to save this o (MORE)

Why must create user in oracle todo your work in oracle?

A user in Oracle corresponds to a schema. Objects, such as table and indexes, must exist within a schema. Without creating a user/schema, use of the database will be limited to the built-in schemas and objects, such as the one-row DUAL table and standard PL/SQL packages.

How do you create a program that will ask the user to create a username and password?

Assuming "Program" actually means an internet page (Due to the fact this question is in the internet -> web programming category)... JavaScript makes this possible, but there are many security flaws. PHP is a great alternative; It's very safe. One can begin learning it at w3schools [ http://www.w3sc (MORE)

How to create user defined methods in java?

public void test(int arg1, int arg2) throws Exception{ ....... } Above is a typical declaration of a user defined method in java. The first word public defines the access modifier for the method. you can use public or private. the second word defines the return type of the method. a voi (MORE)

How do you create a user in Linux?

Creating a new user in Linux or Unix is typically done with the adduser command. The basic syntax is: adduser -g [group] -n [username] where group is the group (admin, scanners, cups, vboxusrs, etc...) that you want the new user to be part of, and username is the name that they log in wi (MORE)

How do you create another user on your computer?

ANSWER It depends on what you are using, but if it is windows then you need to follow these steps: 1) Start menu, Control Panel 2) user/user accounts or users, double click 3) you should see change account or create account. 4) (create new account) Add name for new account 5) select the (MORE)

How do you create users in AIX?

Just like every administrative task: via smitty (or with command useradd). or Login to (or telnet to) node. (From a PC, click "Start" and "Run". Type "cmd" and click "OK". Type "telnet node", where "node" is the name of the node to login to.) Type "root", depress "Enter", type "password", (MORE)

Who has the rights to the user-created content on WikiAnswers?

If you look at the terms of use for the site, Section 5, the following answers the question : "We do not claim ownership of any Postings that you may submit. However, by submitting Postings to any of the other Services, you grant us, our subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, and assigns a perpe (MORE)

How do you create users in Linux?

To create a new user account under any Linux distribution use command called useradd. The system administrator is responsible for creating account. Login as root user (or use sudo command).

User habits that create security risks?

Like writing your password down on the back of your keyboard or the bottom of your office phone? Or not changing your password? Or using the same password for lots of web sites?

How do you create a user defined header file?

Header files are not much different from usual cpp files. There are basically two different things. It's file extension: you need to choose "header file" when you create it or save as .h file. Second is header files do not have main() function. When you are done with you header file do not forger to (MORE)

How do you create a user on your computer?

you need to be the administrator to create a new user but if you are then I suppose your OS is windows xp/vista: go to start => control panel => user accounts then choose "manage another account" and choose create new user. i made this with vista so it may slightly differ with windows XP

Without changing users home directory how to create a user in AIX?

The question is unclear; when you "create" a user you either create a default home directory for the user or specify the path for that user. If the user doesn't exist then typically they don't have a home directory at this point. If you want to associate a new user with an existing (unowned) direct (MORE)

How do I create a user name at Gmail?

First, you obviously have to go to google, and you may have to shake your mouse for options to appear. Then click on "GMail" in the top left corner, next to "more". Then over to the right there will be a blue box saying "Create an Account" in bold. Click this and follow the instructions from there,

How will you create user define package in java?

Any file can be marked as part of a package by simply adding the line "package [name];" Assuming your path variables are set correctly, these files can be imported with the import statement, just like the standard libraries. When you compile the files, they will end up in the hierarchy of their pack (MORE)

Can you create a user Facebook page for your business?

Yes. You can create Facebook page for your business. Thereare some special tips which helps in Google searching: . Create Brand (multiple) Page for promotion your business . Select categories . Write in "about" (not more than 120 alphabets ,KEYWORDS ) . Some times custom url is allowed or co (MORE)

Why Unix does not allow ordinary users to create hard links?

You don't have to be a privileged user to create a hard link; most of the time they aren't as desirable as soft links because with a hard link the file must be present to create the link. In addition, there are some restrictions about going across file systems with a hard link that do not exist as a (MORE)

How do you play user created content on halo?

For the Xbox... 1. Log on to halo 2. Go to file share (need hard drive) 3. Search or do most downloaded 4. Download the map and gametype 5. Go to custom games 6. Go to maps 7. Go over forge world, then select map 8. Go to GameType 9. It will be under one of the categories Hope ot (MORE)

How many user accounts can you create in Windows 7?

You can create as many as you like for as long as you have space on your hard drive. You probably won't get too many accounts made as each one uses about a gigabyte, and that's before the user starts saving documents, music etc.

Why is it important to create a user friendly interface?

The single largest determining factor in a new process's success is acceptance by the end user. If you are creating software for use by people who are not as computer literate as you are, they can and often will sabotage that software's acceptance, if it makes their life more difficult, or use of th (MORE)

How do you create user levels in the n game?

Download the N game, press the @ key then create the level. Then copy the level data into "userlevels.txt" which comes with the n game. Read the Readme file that comes with the n game for detailed instructions.

How does a user creates a border around a cell in Microsoft Excel?

You use the Borders and Shading options. You can do that through the formatting options, which you can access by pressing Ctrl - 1. You can use the icon on the toolbar or ribbon. Another way, that a lot people don't know, is to press Ctrl - Shift - 7 to put a border around a cell.

How do you create a group user?

Creating user and group accounts User accounts are used to authenticate, authorize or deny access to resources for, and audit the activity of individual users on your network. A group account is a collection of user accounts that you can use to assign a set of permissions and rights to multiple u (MORE)

Where are user accounts created?

Hello, If you are talking about server users then SAM is the system file which holds information of users. But this file is in encrypted format and you can not edit it.

Why error is displayed while creating new users in active directory users and computers?

The error could be due to folwloing The network is down. The domain controller is not reachable(PDC is not available need to check, RID stack is not full and RID master is not down) The account used does not have permission to add user/computer etc Check the event log to find the event id (MORE)

How do you create admin user in php?

Have a separate field in your database and allocate the post accordingly. For eg. $query = mysql_query("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Login ( Username varchar(12) NOT NULL Primary Key, Password varchar(12) NOT NULL, Post varchar(8), // Add more fields to your liking )"); For post allo (MORE)

How do you create user in redhat?

Use the useradd command. By default, this will add a user and create a home dircetory for that user, which will be located in /home. EXAMPLE: /usr/sbin/useradd yourname will create the user yourname , and make the directory /home/yourname Set the password for the new user by running passwd (MORE)

What do superclubsplus users use to create icons?

Well first you log in then you go to my stuff. Click the Library tab on the top of the page. After doing that click SuperClubs Shared library. Then click upload. After that it will say Image on the top left hand side. Click the drop down point and click icon. Then upload your icon.

What are the steps to create a user in Linux by the use of GUI?

There are two commands you will need in order to add users in linux: useradd and passwd. For example, if you want to add a user named tom, you would type sudo useradd tom and to set the password you would type sudo passwd tom The sudo command is necessary if you are not logged in as root. If you (MORE)

Why is it important to have user and group entities created in an operating system?

If more than one user is going to use the operating system (especially in the case of enterprise networks), then having multiple users allows each user the ability to customize the operating system's settings without affecting other users. Each user can store data in personal folders (like My Docume (MORE)

How do you create new user?

to create a new user account in win xp, you go to the control panel of the computer and sellect user accounts, then you add a new account by clicking on add user account

How do you create a mac network user account?

I'm not sure I know what you mean? You already have a user account when you log into your computer so all you would do is just create a network or connect to another network. Go to System Preferences / Network / Locations (name it what you want) in the " Configure IPv4: " menu pick the one you (MORE)

What software allows users to create and manipulate?

Practically all software allows you to create and manipulatethings. Word processors allow you to create and manipulatedocuments. Excel allows you to create and manipulate spreadsheets.Powerpoint allows you create and manipulate slide shows. Accessallows you create and manipulate databases. There is (MORE)

Can home users create wikis?

Yes. Anyone can create a wiki. All they need is some storage space, which anyone can get. If it is successful, then it may need more space and at that point it will become more difficult for a home user to support it, but they can contribute and create them.